Yangshuo Local Market

Yangshuo local produce market is always worth a visit to get an idea of what the locals grow and what they eat. It is also very colorful and you will be surprised at what you can buy there. Make your way past the hawkers selling their vegetables and fruit into the main market area. You can even buy a live chicken for your dinner here. Beware though, that the meat section is not for the most sensitive animal lovers. You will find the market near the bus station on the opposite side of the roundabout along the main road across from the big parking lot. If you take part in a cooking class at the Yangshuo Cooking School, then you will be taken on a guided tour through the market before preparing 5 local dishes yourself.


Getting There: by bicycle or on foot and once there take your time strolling around.
Times/Duration: Open all day but early morning is the most interesting time to visit the local markets.


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