How to get to Yangshuo by Bus

Below is the info how to get to Yangshuo by long distance bus from other cities than Guilin. To get to Yangshuo from Guilin by bus check our Guilin to Yangshuo page.

To get to Yangshuo by bus there are overnight sleeper buses that run direct to Yangshuo from Shenzhen (near Hong Kong), from Zhuhai (near Macau), and from Guangzhou. These cost around ¥100-250 depending on which station you want to depart from and how new a bus you want to travel on. Some sleeping buses from Shenzhen are quite uncomfortable. The buses from the border in Shenzhen are the most expensive. Note: Buses from these locations really don’t go to the bus station; they just let you off in the Gas Station, a ten-minute walk from the main tourist area following the signs to West Street(西街).

From Nanning there are 3 buses per day. The journey costs ¥120 and buses leave at 8:00 – 10:00 – 12:30. Tickets can be bought inside the bus terminal. Nanning – Buses leave Yangshuo at 8:00 – 11:30 – 15:30 daily. Tickets cost ¥150. This cost includes a free water when you get on the bus.

From Liuzhou There are 3 direct buses to Yangshuo bus station each day: 9:00 – 10:00 – 16:00 leaving from the South bus station in Liuzhou. The journey takes about 3 to 3.5 hours and tickets cost 60Y. If these times do not suit your schedule then a train to Guilin followed by an express bus Guilin to Yangshuo would be the alternative.

From Longji buses leave Dazhai or PingAn (both in the Longji area) to the Longsheng bus station where you can take a bus to the Guilin bus station (total about 2.5 hours) where there are frequent buses to the Yangshuo bus station here (extra 1.5 hour). Total travel time would be about 4 hours

From Guangzhou (广州) Bus Station (广东省汽车客运站) there are daily scheduled bus to the Yangshuo to Provincial Bus Station. They depart at: Morning 10:20; Afternoon 12:20; Evening 21:50, 22:40. Price: ¥160 Duration: 8 hours. Note: You should contact Guangzhou Coach Transportation Co [+86 (020) 83831188] to verify that the schedule shown above is still correct. Directions to Provincial Bus Station, Guangzhou 广东省汽车客运站
145-149, Huan Shi West Rd, Guangzhou
 广州市环市西路145-149号 Subway: Line 2.

For more detailed information about bus schedules and fares, check out the very informative China bus guide.

Booking Tickets

This is a complex affair and tends to rely a lot on local knowledge. We recommend that you talk to your local accommodation staff and get them to book tickets with you.


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