Xingping fishing village near Yangshuo China

Both XingPing and Fishing Village are often confused as being the same but while XingPing used to be fishing village (as all riverside towns used to be really) the real Fishing Village that made its international fame with a visit of Bill Clinton in 1998, is located on the east bank of the Li River, a 30min bamboo ride south from XingPing in the direction of Yangshuo. This ancient fishing village (Mandarin Yucun) was founded during the Ming Dynasty in 1506. In this fishing village all traditional houses have been very well preserved and the special architecture of the buildings make the Fishing Village a very interesting place to visit. The village got its name from what the farmers do to earn a living: they fish. The main characteristics of their fishing techniques include the use of bamboo rafts instead of wooden boats and cormorants to catch the fish.

How to get to Fishing Village near XingPing:

Surrounded by karst mountains fishing village is only accessible by hiking a narrow path that starts from XingPing, or by river raft. The hike from XingPing takes about 1.5 hour while a bamboo raft from XingPing can get you there in just 15min. Fishing Village can also be reached directly from Yangshuo but only very early in the morning or late afternoon when there are no large boats on the river for the Li-river cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo.

For more information about Xingping fishing village, the town itself, see the following Xingping page.

Getting There: Either by a guided hike (1.5hr) or bamboo raft (30min) from XingPing or raft from Yangshuo (2hrs!).
Times/Duration: A tour around the village takes about 1-2 hrs.
Prices: A raft from Xingping will generally set you back 50Ypp.
Booking Information: Contact us at Yangshuo Insider or ask your local accommodation staff to try and arrange this visit for you.


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