The Big Banyan Tree

Not only is the “Big Banyan Tree” more than one thousand years old ,dating back to the Sui Dynesty (581-618). The tree is a major scenic attraction, its twisted roots and gnarled branches just add to its towering beauty. It offers a great opportunity to take some time out, have a swim and take a break from your sight seeing. It is situated next to one of the best natural swimming spots in the region, on the west bank of the Jin Bao River around 7.5km south of Yangshuo. The tree is now 17 meters high, 7.1 meters around the main trunk, and spans an area of 1000 square meters. People come here to sit in the shade of its branches and young lovers come to make wishes. It was under this tree that Lui Sanjie declared her love for Li Xiaoniu so the tree has a romantic association stretching back many years. The locals also say that any single person who has their photo taken under the tree will find their true love soon after.

Since the creation of the new Yulong river park in September 2017, The Big Banyan Tree is located inside the Yulong river park. Everyone entering the park by a motorised vehicle will need to get off at one of the entry gates and buy a ticket for the public shuttle buses to get to their destinations inside the park. Please read this post to make a well informed decision about the consequences of the new Yulong river park before choosing your accommodation in Yangshuo.

Getting There: Located about 5km South from Yangshuo center. By bicycle or taxi.
Times/Duration: times are flexible and can be arranged to suit your needs.
Booking Information: Contact us to include this in your day tour.


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