Study or learn Chinese mandarin in Yangshuo China

Hard to imagine a more beautiful and inspiring environment to learn or study mandarin (Chinese) than Yangshuo China. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced students, there are plenty of experienced and talented Mandarin teachers in Yangshuo, so if you would like to learn Chinese in China, Yangshuo offers the ideal environment to do so!

When traveling through China you might have discovered that speaking a little bit of the language can help a lot. While Yangshuo has an abundance of westerners with many locals who can speak English,other areas may not have that convenience and whether buying your own tickets, asking for directions or buying produce at the local markets, you will see that a little bit of mandarin Chinese you can go a long way. It is also very pleasant to provoke the enthusiasm of locals when you make an effort to speak with them in their own native language. It will help you to lower the rates when bargaining as the rates are always different from those for a foreigner not speaking any Chinese to those who make an effort to communicate in the local language!

study chinese mandarin in yangshuo china

Chinese mandarin teachers Sunny, Janie and Lucy for example have been teaching in Yangshuo for many years. They are favourites with ex-pats and travellers coming back to Yangshuo mainly to learn Chinese and offer everything from a couple of hours ‘Survival Chinese’ to ‘Intensive Full Immersion Chinese‘ courses and they even run a ‘Chinese Language and Culture Camp‘ for people wishing to combine their exploration of mandarin with cultural activities in and around Yangshuo. Their ‘Survival Chinese’ class also offers an opportunity to spend a few hours supervised real-life practice with locals. They also organise distant classes to Skype to continue the Chinese lessons back home!

For Chinese language group classes have a look at Omeida Chinese Academy that offers a variety of Chinese language programs for various levels. Working closely with the Omeida English College they create a supportive learning environment where you can easily interact with native Chinese speakers. Aside from Chinese language courses they also offer accommodation, food, visa assistance, learning materials, weekly social nights, regular culture lessons and weekend outings.

For those who favour private one-on-one tuition and who would like to study longer in Yangshuo, let us know and we will put you in touch with the most suitable teacher or school of the moment. The following accommodations in Yangshuo vary from hostels to hotels and are located just a little out the center in a very relaxing and peaceful environment but close enough for any teacher to come and teach at your accommodation. They offer up to 15-30% discount on their daily rates if you stay longer than a week with the purpose to study mandarin. Get in touch which is to find the best deal for you.

Getting There: They can come to your hotel or we can provide directions.
Times/Duration: 1-hour classes to full day – week and month courses.
Prices: Prices range from 50-100Y an hour to 1000Y/week. Discounts for longer classes.
Booking Information: Contact Yangshuo Insider to help you get in touch with the best Chinese Mandarin teacher of this moment.


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6 Comments to “Study or learn Chinese mandarin in Yangshuo China”

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  1. Nicole says:


    we will most probably arrive in Yangshuo on 5 or 6 November, and I would like to take some Chinese lessons. My current level is slightly above HSK 1 and I hope to improve up to HSK 2 before leaving.

    We are climbers, so I don’t know yet for how low we are actually going to stay (since it also depends on the weather…). Maybe we just stay for one week, maybe up to three weeks. So I cannot confirm any dates or book a course yet.

    My idea is to take 1 or 1,5 hours of Chinese lessons in the evening on 5 days a week, for example from 18:30 to 20:00 or 19:00 to 20:30 o’clock.

    How much would such individual lessons cost?

    May I just call when we are in Yangshuo and then see whether we find some dates that fit both me and the teacher?

    Thank you very much and best regards,

    • Jono says:

      Hi Nicole,

      I’ll pass your details on to the best teacher available, she’s awesome and you can work out a program together. She puts a lot of care into her classes and has heaps of experience.

      If last year is anything to go by then November should be amazing climbing weather, warm, not so humid and dry. November 2012 however, wasn’t so great. There’s a hostel in the centre of town called the climber’s inn. This is popular with climbers and a good meeting place before a day at the crag. It can get quite noisy though as it’s very close to West Street. For a quieter time you could try Tripper’s Carpe Diem I know that they do a discount for extended stays which means you get the fifth night free.

      I hope this helps and you enjoy Yangshuo and bring some great weather!

      All the best,

  2. Hello,
    I would like to book one on one tuition in survival; chinese with one of Sunny, Janie or Lucy. Can you give me their contact details or ask one of them to contact me. A Skype address would be helpful as distance learning would be good for me. I am on the move after having being settled near Xiian with work for the last few months.

    • Jono says:

      Hi Dean,

      I’ll email you directly with the number for Lucy, I’ve also let her know that you will be getting in touch.

      Good luck with your Chinese!

      All the best,

  3. Laura says:


    I will be in Yangshuo from the 8th of March till the 8th of May. My main aim is to improve my speaking, as I have been doing self-study for the last few years, so that is what I most need. I took HSK 3 last year. I am looking to have 2-3 private classes per week with a teacher and focus on listening and speaking.
    I am a professional English and Spanish teacher and I would also be interested in doing exchange if that works for you. If not, how much would it cost me to have 2-3 lessons per week with you?

    Thanks a lot, I look forward to your reply.

    All the best,

    • Yangshuo insider says:

      Hi Laura,

      We can hook you up with a female Mandarin teacher here with over 5 years of experience and very proficient in English. Classes are 80Y an hour and decrease to 60Y an hour for students who engage in a course of minimum 60 classes, 50 minutes each. When we find someone who would be interested in an exchange we will let you know. If you are a social out-going person and would be interested to volunteer in a small hostel to assist a few hours a day with perhaps organizing hostel events and/or training the staff some English, let us know. Most places will ask for a minimum commitment of 4-6 months to a season but perhaps there is a gap to fill in between volunteers. These are opportunities for travelers to maximize their local experience and give back to the community while getting all essential living expenses paid with some extra cash to take home. Let us know if any of the above suits you well and we will see what we can do for you.
      Yangshuo insider