Yangshuo Caves, Silver Cave and Water Cave of Yangshuo

Anyone stepping through the Yangshuo Silver Cave will agree that not only above the ground Yangshuo‘s scenery is stunning! The bizarre limestone karst towers that form the landscape in the area were formed by the erosion caused by the gradual retreat of inland seas. This process created many caves and underground rivers and lakes. Of all caves in and around Guilin the Yangshuo Silver Cave definitely offers the most impressive stalactites and mites, outclassing the Reed Flute Cave in Guilin, while the Yangshuo Water Cave is popular for its refreshing mud bath and hot springs nevertheless the doubts whether are real or not. So of all the caves in Yangshuo that are open to the public we particularly recommend the Silver Cave and the Gold Water Cave for their distinct features that are not commonly found in the other caves in the area.

Silver Cave Yangshuo, stunning underground scenery

The Silver Cave meanders through 12 limestone towers and the full tour explores nearly 2km. Known for its astonishing formations, including thousands of stalactites and stalagmites, Silver Cave is made up of three distinct segments that have unique features that are not present in other caves of Yangshuo. silver cave Yangshuo “I am surprised that this stunning cave is seldom mentioned in English language books and websites about Gulin/Yangshuo. In fact Silver Cave of Yangshuo is much preferred over the Reed Flute Cave in Guilin. To be honest, taking nearly five hours to visit this cave while based in Guilin is an offbeat pursuit, but my wife and I are nature geeks, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. However, the cave is big, and it is a bit taxing after a full day of other tours” .   The Silver Cave is layered, and requires some climbing inside. While young kids can easily manage these short flights of stairs elderly people may struggle with the last flight of 30 steps leaving the cave. In peak tourist season (July-August + Festivals), the cave can be quite crowded with tour groups. However the operators are fairly efficient in getting the groups through, but you may still have to bake in the sun for about half an hour before getting in. Some of the passages are a bit narrow and restrictive. Although we seamlessly manage on slippers, sensible shoes are recommended. The cave is cool in summer and feels warm in winter. Be sure to arrange your tickets in advance as we have heard and read various stories of travellers being scammed at the entrance with highly inflated prices of up to 300Ypp for the unaware traveler.

Getting There: The Silver cave is located about 25 km from Yangshuo along a busy road so either by bus or taxi. Opening Times: 09.00 – 16.30 (last entry). Duration: A tour around the cave takes about 1.5 hour. Price: Entrance tickets are set on 65Ypp; kids below 1.4m walk in for free. Booking Information: Contact us at Yangshuo-Insider to include a Silver cave visit into your most memorable experiences.

Gold Water Cave Yangshuo

Yangshuo Water CaveThe Gold Water Cave is easily explored for all travellers with a concrete path throughout. Also here the stalagmites and stalactites are illuminated with coloured lighting giving it an other-worldly feeling that particularly children will enjoy. There are several ponds that are pristine and reflect the light like a mirror. Midway through the water cave is a mud pond that is great to splash around and float on. Near the end of the cave are a number of freshwater streams that are a refreshing way to enjoy a swim and rinse off all the mud. The end of the Water cave features several hot springs cascading down into a clear pond below. Note: Bring a swimsuit, towel and sturdy shoes (Tiva-type adventure shoes) that can get wet and muddy! Scam warning: Beware of highly overcharged ticket prices at the ticket office. The cave is located along the main road to Moon Hill. After the Big Banyan Tree on your left hand side you will meet the Gold Water Cave ticket office where you can exchange our ticket receipt for a real ticket.

Since the creation of the new Yulong river park in September 2017, all water caves are located inside the Yulong river park. Everyone entering the park by a motorised vehicle will need to get off at one of the entry gates and buy a ticket for the public shuttle buses to get to their destinations inside the park. Please read this post to make a well informed decision about the consequences of the new Yulong river park before choosing your accommodation in Yangshuo.

Getting There: Near Moon Hill so this could easily be included in cycling trip. Opening Times: 09.00 – 16.30 (last entry). Duration: A cave tour around the cave takes about 1.5 hour. Price: Entrance tickets are generally sold for 90Y but we can get you in for 75Ypp. Booking Information: Contact us at Yangshuo-Insider to include this cave adventure into your day trip.

Other caves in Yangshuo

Other caves in Yangshuo are the Butterfly Cave, Lotus cave, the Crown Cave and Buddha Cave but we consider them inferior to any of the Yangshuo caves mentioned above. This also counts for the most renowned and better marketed Reed Flute Cave in Guilin.

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