Seven Star Tea House

In 2004 Annie, an extremely knowledgeable local guide who speaks both French and English, established the Seven Star Tea House over two floors with a tea shop downstairs and seated, air conditioned tea rooms upstairs serving everything from soft drinks to snacks and of course tea. With her team of specially trained staff she will make you feel welcome and introduce you to the distinctively Chinese business of drinking tea in Yangshuo. A unique feature of the Seven Stars Tea House is that is the only tea house in Yangshuo (at the time of writing) with its own tea plantation. In 2009 their tea, Cuiyu Green Tea, won the Guangxi Special prize at a tea tasting competition, rather like a wine tasting but better for you perhaps.

The Cuiyu Green Tea, noted for its clear green colour and fragrant taste of chestnuts and fresh corn is exported across China to hotels and tea houses. Annie can advise you the different kinds of tea (green tea, black tea, oolong tea, flower tea etc…) you can buy in Yangshuo and also sells some exquisite tea wares such as teacups, teapots, tea-trays and tea-tables which are either made from metal, pottery, porcelain or beautifully carved of wood or bamboo. She can also arrange a tea tasting for individuals or groups or demonstrate the Chinese tea ceremony for you which is a very different experience to the famous Japanese tradition. In China tea drinking is a very lively and social experience and while there is a formality to the way the tea is made the atmosphere is less serious than its Japanese counterpart.

You can download the Seven Stars Tea House guide to Cha Dao (The Way of Tea) HERE as a PDF file. The guide includes a short history of tea along with descriptions of the main kinds of tea and some handy tips on how to brew tea the Chinese way.

Seven Star Tea House can be found on Die Cui Lu (road) which runs from the river up to the bus station. The shop is the very last on on the left before the lake between the shop and the bus station.

You can also visit their tea plantation in Yangshuo for a guided tour where you will be shown how to hand pick and dry the tea in the traditional way followed by a tea tasting and introduction to the Chinese tea ceremony.


Getting There: The tea House is located in the center of Yangshuo along Diecui Lu.
Times/Duration: Open all day until 10.30pm.
Booking Information: Just drop in and perhaps ask for Annie.


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