Scenic Activities in Yangshuo

The scenery of Yangshuo is one of the main reasons to visit Yangshuo with its countless green mountain peaks, its beautiful rivers, underground caves, ancient architecture and lush greenery with rice paddies and bamboo groves that make Yangshuo to one of the most famous tourist destinations of China. Aside from breath-taking natural scenery and its mysterious ancient local dwelling houses it offers an insight into a diverse range of cultures too. Pass by little villages and ancient towns on a bicycle or horse, float down the rivers on a bamboo raft or in a kayak, discover hidden gems along trails and roads winding for miles into the hills per scooter – per bike if you are a seasoned rider, hike along the shores of the rivers, through farmlands or up Moon Hill, or go underground to witness the natural results of centuries of continuous erosion in one of the many caves, plenty of ways to enjoy the amazing natural landscape of Yangshuo you came for suited to your needs and preferences of the day!

  • Tours in Yangshuo
    Our cultural & highly scenic Yangshuo village tour
    Our Yangshuo Village Tour lets you experience authentic village life as it has been for centuries through some of the most amazing scenery of the area untouched by tourism. Along this highly scenic route our culturally knowledgeable guide will introduce you to the local artisans of the villages who will welcome you in their homes where you will Continue Reading...
    6 years agoby Yangshuo Insider
  • Yangshuo Insider Hiking Trail
    Hiking in Yangshuo, the Yangshuo Insider village trail to Yulong Bridge
    Generally the most beautiful countryside trails for hiking in Yangshuo are known by farmers only and in the case of this trail only a handful of farmers who really need to be there to harvest their lands will know about this incredibly beautiful hiking trail that connects the farmers village of Shi Ban Qiao with Continue Reading...
    8 years agoby Yangshuo Insider
  • li-river cruise Guilin to Yangshuo
    Li river cruise China – Guilin to Yangshuo – schedule, ticket prices, booking service
    A Li river boat cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo can be a great introduction to the clear rivers (aside from the rainy season, Yangshuo climate) and the impressive karst mountain landscape this region is famous for and a true highlight of your China river trip. Contrary to most beliefs, the entire stretch between the wharf, located 40km outside of Continue Reading...
    8 years agoby Yangshuo Insider
  • Yangshuo Old Towns and Villages
    Yangshuo Old Towns and Villages
    Rural villages are good places for people to go and experience authentic China. You may find old trees with birds’ nests in them, old buildings made with mud bricks and tiles, orchards with stock hedges around them. You can hear cowbells ringing. You can see the farmers cultivating the fields or carrying water to water Continue Reading...
    8 years agoby Yangshuo Insider
  • Yangshuo Silver Cave
    Yangshuo Caves, Silver Cave and Water Cave of Yangshuo
    Anyone stepping through the Yangshuo Silver Cave will agree that not only above the ground Yangshuo‘s scenery is stunning! The bizarre limestone karst towers that form the landscape in the area were formed by the erosion caused by the gradual retreat of inland seas. This process created many caves and underground rivers and lakes. Of all caves in and Continue Reading...
    8 years agoby Yangshuo Insider
  • Seven Stars Tea Plantation Tour
    Tea Plantation Tour at the 7-star Tea Plantation near Yangshuo
    Tea has always been an important part of Chinese culture. The making of tea is called Chá Dào (功夫茶道) which literally means ‘tea brewed with great skill’ and the art of brewing and serving tea plays a major cultural role in China. It is a time to unwind and socialize with friends while enjoying the Continue Reading...
    8 years agoby Yangshuo Insider
  • Scenic Activities in Yangshuo
    Green Lotus Peak
    Also called Shouyang Mountain, Green Lotus Peak stands south of Yangshuo looking like a water-lily bud emerging from the water. It is the most famous hill in Yangshuo. Lotus Peak has many inscriptions on its cliffs of which the 5-meter-long Chinese character “Dai” caved in the Qing dynasty is the most famous. Later generations endowed Continue Reading...
    8 years agoby Yangshuo Insider
  • Cycling Around Yangshuo
    Countryside cycling trips in Yangshuo, great off-map cycling routes!
    Yangshuo‘s countryside is a cycling paradise with countless village trails and paths leading through some of the most amazing scenery South-China has on offer. Starting from Yangshuo there are some beautiful less traveled roads winding for miles into the hills passing by the Yangshuo Tea Plantation and Stone Village in the north, Xing Ping in the northeast and Fuli Continue Reading...
    8 years agoby Yangshuo Insider
  • Yangshuo XingPing Fishing Village
    Xingping fishing village near Yangshuo China
    Both XingPing and Fishing Village are often confused as being the same but while XingPing used to be fishing village (as all riverside towns used to be really) the real Fishing Village that made its international fame with a visit of Bill Clinton in 1998, is located on the east bank of the Li River, Continue Reading...
    8 years agoby Yangshuo Insider
  • Cutural activities in Yangshuo Guilin China
    Explore the Architecture, Scenery & Culture of Xingping
    What used to be sleepy riverside village, Xingping village has actually grown to Xingping town of which the old center can easily be explored in about 1 hour. Xingping has a long history and many buildings date back to the Qing and Ming dynasties. On local market days the town comes to life and can Continue Reading...
    8 years agoby Yangshuo Insider
  • Ancient Stone Village Yangshuo Putao
    Stone Village Yangshuo Putao (Shitoucheng)
    A visit to this fascinating Qing-dynasty stone village (Shitoucheng), perched on top of a limestone peak, is an unusual foray into the countryside and makes a great day trip for those looking for an off -the-beaten-track adventure. The village was once a garrison town and the ancient gates and walls are mostly still intact. It’s Continue Reading...
    8 years agoby Yangshuo Insider
  • Liugong village along the Li-river banks
    Liugong village, situated right on the bank of the Li River south of Yangshuo,  is one of the least visited ancient villages of the area with over 800 years of history and some unique preserved buildings including the Moon Pavilion and Home of Senators. Nestled among the beautiful karst hills, Liugong village offers typical architectural Continue Reading...
    8 years agoby Yangshuo Insider
  • Jiuxian Village, ancient village near Yangshuo
    Jiuxian village is an ancient village where civilization started to take place during the Tang Dynasty ( 618-906). Jiuxian village itself was established around the 16th century ahead of the Qing Dynasty  (1644-1911) and counts as one of the few remaining villages around Yangshuo China with remainders of both grey brick mansions and mud brick Continue Reading...
    8 years agoby Yangshuo Insider
  • Yangshuo Moon hill Tour
    Yangshuo Moon Hill
    Moon Hill is somewhat the symbol of Yangshuo, from a distance it’s actually just a mountain with a hole in it – shaped like a moon – but it’s the nice hike up with the rewarding view from the summit that justifies it status as a must visit spot in Yangshuo. The hill is covered Continue Reading...
    8 years agoby Yangshuo Insider
  • Big Banyan Tree Yangshuo
    The Big Banyan Tree
    Not only is the “Big Banyan Tree” more than one thousand years old ,dating back to the Sui Dynesty (581-618). The tree is a major scenic attraction, its twisted roots and gnarled branches just add to its towering beauty. It offers a great opportunity to take some time out, have a swim and take a Continue Reading...
    8 years agoby Yangshuo Insider
  • Yulong River Bamboo Rafting in Yangshuo
    Sit back and enjoy a Yulong River Cruise per Bamboo Raft
    Taking a bamboo raft ride on the Yulong River (or dragon river), a tributary of the Li River, is a very relaxing way to enjoy the highly scenic area south of Yangshuo. Here you can enjoy the stunning scenery and views of country life on a non-motorised raft in the traditional way with a gondolier who steers Continue Reading...
    8 years agoby Yangshuo Insider
  • Longji Rice Terraces Tour Dazhai Pingan Guilin Yangshuo
    Longji Rice Terraces of Longsheng with Dazhai & Pingan Village
    Yangshuo consists of many beautiful rice paddies spread across the countryside but they stand rather small against the magnificent views over the steep terraced hills of Longsheng about 200km north-west of Yangshuo, better known as the Dragon Backbone (or Longji) Rice Terraces of Longsheng County. Particularly around and between the villages of PingAn and Dazhai, Continue Reading...
    8 years agoby Yangshuo Insider
  • Yangshuo Insider - Li River Bamboo Rafting
    Li River cruise per raft, Yangdi-Xingping, Yangshuo-Liugong
    There are several ways to enjoy the wonderful scenery of the majestic Li-river in Yangshuo. These include hiking, cycling, or cruising the Li-river down either on a small motorised PVC raft (none of them real bamboo) or per larger Li-river cruise boat. Below we have added the pros and cons of either a raft or boat cruise on Continue Reading...
    8 years agoby Yangshuo Insider
  • Li River Kyaking Yangshuo
    Kayaking on the Li River of Yangshuo, from Fuli to Liugong or Puyi
    Kayaking was a great way to experience the Li River scenery and this tour definitely counted as a favourite among travellers visiting Yangshuo. The stretch of the Li-river south of Yangshuo, between Fuli and Liugong may not be as renowned as its counter-part up north, but it is still an amazing area to enjoy and renting your own kayak offers the Continue Reading...
    8 years agoby Yangshuo Insider
  • Huang Yao One Day Tour - Yangshuo Insider
    Huang Yao Ancient Town
    Huang Yao is an ancient town with a history of thousand years, and reached its prime during the reign of Emperor Qianlong (1736-1795) of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Huangyao is situated in the northest of Zhaoping, Guangxi, China, by the lower reaches of the Li-River about 150km from Yangshuo. The name of Huang Yao came Continue Reading...
    8 years agoby Yangshuo Insider
  • Horse Riding in Yangshuo
    Horse Riding in Yangshuo
    No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle” and that certainly counts for horse riding in Yangshuo when one could do so surrounded by the amazing karst scenery of this area! Riding one of the local horses along the shores of the famous Li-river surrounded by karst mountains and bamboo groves Continue Reading...
    8 years agoby Yangshuo Insider


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  1. Hi there,

    My 5 companions and I will be in Yangshuo from this coming Monday, Sept 28 through Friday October 5th, and a few of us are interested in horseback riding. Do you take reservations?

  2. Yangshuo insider says:

    Hi Erin,

    Sure we can arrange a taxi to pick you up at your hotel and take you across the center of Yangshuo to the Li-river where the horse riding takes place along the shores of the river. Price is 120Y an hour and the transfer between the Li-river and your hotel would be 60Y return.
    Hope this helps,
    Yangshuo Insider

  3. Erin Jomartz says:

    Hi there,

    My friend Ashleigh and myself are very interested in horse riding in Yangshuo. Are we able to be picked up from our hotel? How much per person?

    Thank you for your assistance,