Rock Climbing in Yangshuo

Yangshuo is a paradise for rock climbers with over 400 rock climbing routes to be explored of various levels ranging in difficulty from 5.6 to 5.14. Whether you are an absolute beginner or a very experienced climber, Yangshuo has plenty of routes available and it is easy to find fellow climbers if you are looking for a climbing partner for the day. There a number of guides and maps published detailing routes and locations. The most popular being ‘Yangshuo Rock Climbs‘ by American climber Paul Collins who bolted and mapped most of the routes available in the area. Among the most popular local cliffs are ‘Moon Hill’, ‘Wine Bottle Cliff’, ‘Butterfly Spring’, ‘White Mountain’ and ‘The Egg’.

If you, or you come with kids who would like to try out some rock climbing in Yangshuo as beginner we recommend Sky from Sunny Sky Rock Climbing Club. He is an experienced and qualified rock climbing guide who will offer you best value for money. His club offers English speaking guides who are all qualified and passionate about climbing. They also take safety very seriously providing fully bolted climbs for beginners. If you are an experienced climber and come with your own gear, check out The Rusty Bolt bar on DieCui Lu, Yangshuo‘s most popular hangout with rock climbers. If you would like to rent gear or you are just looking for an interesting and fun local guide, many rock climbing clubs in Yangshuo will be able to help you out. Climbing can be done all day, no matter what kind of weather it is. There are plenty of different rocks available, some are shaded from the sun, others are naturally sheltered from the rain by their own peaks.

We offer rock climbing courses that can be done either in the morning (recommended in summer) or in the afternoon (recommended in winter), or both. In the morning the pick-up time is generally 9.00am while in the afternoon the pick-up time is around 13.00pm. Courses are flexible and can be booked up to an hour before departure. If you would like to engage in a multi-day climbing course just let us know and we will put you in touch with the club offering the best value for money. Your guide will either collect you in a van or treat you on a biking trip to the Yulong River where most climbing rocks are situated.

The most popular climbing hostel in Yangshuo is The Climbers Inn, owned and managed by Lily, a very friendly and social host and passionate climber herself. Her budget hostel is located right in the action just a few steps from West Street and privates go for just 60-80Y a night. For climbers who prefer to stay in the countryside yet within easy reach of the center, we can get you a 20% discount for stays over 2 weeks at any hostel or hotel listed in the accommodation near the center of Yangshuo section of our recommended accommodation in Yangshuo page (80-250Y a night, excludes local holidays). To get this discount have us confirm your discount first before making your reservations there.

Getting There: Either by bicycle / scooter or by minivan.
Times/Duration: Half day 9.00 – 13.00 or 13.00 – 17.00. Full day courses 9.00-17.00.
Booking Information: Send us a mail with your level and travel dates at


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  1. Vallari says:

    Can you give the cost for a rock climb? – one 3 hr session for an almost beginner?


    • Hello Vallari,

      All the licensed rock climbing guides and companies in Yangshuo charge 200-220Y for a half day climb. These guides are adequately trained in belaying and first aid, and all equipment complies with international standards. They will also provide insurance coverage for the unlikely event of an accident. For the above reasons we recommend to either climb with Blackrock Yangshuo or Sunny Sky Rock Climbing Club in Yangshuo. There are cheaper deals available however do keep in mind you get what you pay for and with rock climbing that can make a big difference.
      Yangshuo Insider