Longjing Drifting near Xingping, Yangshuo.

For something a bit different, try the Longjing River Drifting in what better be called the Longjing ‘washing machine’. Do not be misled by the name drifting, it is drifting only in the sense that you have no control at all over where you are going. You will board a two-person raft, hold firmly on the handles and wait for the water to be released from the dam (usually at 3 fixed times each day). You are then propelled down the Longjing river for over an hour, white-water rafting … without the paddles. Very scary, wet and exciting ride of 90 minutes. Great fun and very refreshing on a hot summer day !

However do NOT do this if you are expecting Disney level safety precautions! You get a helmet, handles on the sides to hold onto, and people along the river bank to fish you out- but you are going fast, it is wet and slippery and there are lots of rocks. There is a height (1.2m), a weight (40kg) and a minimum age requirement (12 years old) but, if you have kids with you, I would also suggest considering their strength and ability to hold on by themselves- you will not be able to hold onto them at all.

There are half a dozen groups taking pictures as you come down the river, then trying very hard to sell them to you. This is actually a very reasonable service – about 30Y for a CD – and you have some amazing and pictures with a grimace you may not know you had! Compare the ones of several teams and choose the one that you like most and haggle!

Longjing Drifting Facilities:

Since 2013 they have erected a whole new shower block. Lockers to store your bags and valuables are available for 30Y per locker.

Directions in Getting to the Longjing River Dam:

The Longjing drifting – or better roller-coaster – is located about a 1hour bus drive from Yangshuo or a 20 min ride from XingPing. Buses leave at Yangshuo Park at 3 set times a day, as of May 2016 they are 9.00 – 11.30 -14.30. After the ticket office where you can store your bags and valuables, a shuttle bus will take you to the start of the drifting in about 15min so the total bus journey takes about 1h10min.


– Bring cash, there are no ATM’s.

– Bring waterproof sun lotion, you could be right under a burning sun but not feel it at the time.

– Bring a towel and a change of clothes, especially if returning by bus, the driver won’t let you sit on his bus in wet pants!

– Share a bag with others to save an expensive locker fee.

– Buses arrive and depart at the same time so you may be faced with a wait, take some food or snacks with you.

Availability: Adults/Children > 1.2m > 40kg > 12 year old
Getting There: By tour bus.
Times/Duration: Pick-up times: 9.00 – 11.30 -14.30. Drifting: 80-120min; return bus 2.5hrs.
Prices & Booking: See our live booking widget under Yangshuo Half Day Tours on our booking page.


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  1. Janani says:


    I am visiting Guilin during end September.
    I am planning to take Li River Cruise on 30th September morning.
    Can i catch the last bus (2:30 to Lonjing Drifting)?

    • Jono says:

      Hi Janini,

      The last scheduled bus for the Longjing River Drifting leaves from Yangshuo Park at 2pm, which is about the same time as you will arrive after the Li River Cruise. It could be possible but I wouldn’t like to say for definite.

      We could arrange a private car to pick you up after your cruise and take you there, wait for you and bring you back if you like, or arrange it for the next day.

      Also, if you need help booking the river cruise tickets just let me know and we can arrange them for you, perhaps the Impression Liu San Jie Light Show would be a better activity for you after the cruise.

      All the best,

  2. marian says:

    Im very interested in drifting tour. PLs inform price and if available next week, I will be in Yangshuo June 2-6…

    Is there pick up at my hostel?


    • Yangshuo Insider says:

      Hello Marian,
      We can buy tickets for the Longjing water drifting for just 170-210Y (short-longer route) per person and buses leave from Yangshuo Park, just 200m from your hostel. Just let us know the date and time of departure (now 9.00-11.30-14.30) and we will get 2 tickets booked for you.

  3. Hi there,

    I will be in Yangshuo from Monday, September 30 – Thursday evening, October 4, with five of my companions, and we are very interesting in the Longjing Drifting. Do you know how we can book a trip? Thanks for your help!


    Shannon Morrall

    • Yangshuo Insider says:

      Hello Shannon, you have come to the right place! The bus for the Longjing drifting leaves at the entrance of Yangshuo Park 3 times a day: 9.30am, 11.30am and 2.30pm. The later you go, the warmer it will be which is nice being in the water! There are also 2 different river rides, the smaller one takes about 1h30m and generally costs 198Y, the recommended full ride takes about 2 hours and is normally priced at 238Y. Prices tend to increase during the holiday period but being insiders we know someone from the inside and can get you 6 tickets for the full ride for just 200Y a person during the festival!
      If you can let us know by sending an email what time you will arrive in Yangshuo and the day and time you would like to enjoy this thrilling river ride then one of our guides will meet you here close to your arrival and book the tickets for you as soon as possible. Seen the busy festival, tickets may easily sell out.
      Yangshuo Insider