Liugong village along the Li-river banks

Liugong village, situated right on the bank of the Li River south of Yangshuo,  is one of the least visited ancient villages of the area with over 800 years of history and some unique preserved buildings including the Moon Pavilion and Home of Senators.

Nestled among the beautiful karst hills, Liugong village offers typical architectural features of the Qing and Ming dynasties in a very authentic and jaw dropping natural setting. Near the village are also the famous three-color ponds. The level of water in the ponds always remains equal throughout the year regardless of the water level of the Li River. As the name suggests the ponds have three different colors giving rise to many a local folk story about their supernatural existence.


There are a few great options for a snack or lunch in Liugong, one of the small local restaurants is built on a platform over the banks of the Li-river with truly amazing views over the karst landscape at one side and the traditional Ming Dynasty village itself.

A great way to reach Liugong village is by kayak to take in as much of the scenery on the river as possible and witness authentic countryside life of local farmers as it has been for centuries. For more information about kayak rental, check our Li-river kayaking page.



Getting There: Preferably by kayak – bicycle – scooter or small motorized raft.
Times/Duration: Exploration of this village just takes an hour but do calculate some extra time in for a snack or beer with a view!
Booking Information: Contact us at Yangshuo Insider for a knowledgeable guide or ask your accommodation in Yangshuo to explain directions with a good map of the area.


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