Li river cruise Yangshuo to Yangdi (direction Guilin)

Li river cruise from Yangshuo to Yangdi

Aside of the longer and better known Guilin to Yangshuo Li river cruise, you can also enjoy the Li-river scenery on a cruise starting from Yangshuo in the direction of Guilin. This part covers the most impressive landscape between XingPing and Yangdi, including the Li-river scenery immortalised on the national 20Y bank notes. This cruise starts at the wharf in the center of Yangshuo and ends in Yangdi from where there are local buses to either Guilin or back to Yangshuo.

The main advantages of the cruise from Yangshuo to Yangdi are:

- There are fewer boats and passengers since the majority travels the best-known stretch.
- The cruise from Yangshuo to Yangdi does not require a night in the large city of Guilin, an extra bonus.
- You could also enjoy the cruise as a most enjoyable part of your transfer back to Guilin since the end of the cruise at Yangdi is located along the way from Yangshuo to the center and airport in Guilin.

Boats taking passengers from Yangshuo to Yangdi are the 3 star type with a covered air conditioned seating area and open wide top deck. The cruise departs at around 10.10 in the center of Yangshuo for a 4 hour journey to Yangdi. Upon arrival there is a bus that will bring you back to Yangshuo or you could take an onward public bus to the Guilin South Bus Station as well, for 10 CNY. Note that there isn't an English speaking guide aboard but that is not a big miss on the river. You can take your luggage aboard with you and there are a few small local eateries upon arrival in Yangdi.

Getting There: Right in the heart of Yangshuo Center.
Times/Duration: 10:10-14:00. About 3.5-4 hrs on the water.
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