Jiuxian Village, ancient village near Yangshuo

Jiuxian village is an ancient village where civilization started to take place during the Tang Dynasty ( 618-906). Jiuxian village itself was established around the 16th century ahead of the Qing Dynasty  (1644-1911) and counts as one of the few remaining villages around Yangshuo China with remainders of both grey brick mansions and mud brick farm houses.

The village is certainly worth exploring, among the many courtyards you will find an ancestral hall and the small cobbled alleyways will lead you in between the cluster of old traditional dwellings. While the preserved architecture is a photographer’s delight, the natural surroundings are stunning as well.

As in most traditional villages off the main tourist trail, locals here – proud of their ancient village – are very welcoming and hospitable too.

Jiuxian village location

jiuxian village

Jiuxian village is located about an 8km drive from Yangshuo in the Yulong river valley, nestled in between a karst mountain ridge in the east and the Yulong river, a tributary of the Li River, in the west.

It is located along a beautiful cycling road from Yangshuo all the way to the dragon bridge near Baisha and offers a very nice break along the way.

A visit to Jiuxian village can easily be combined with a visit to the Dragon Bridge and a river tour on the Yulong river per traditional bamboo raft steered by a gondolier, and is the endpoint of our Yangshuo Insider hiking trail.



Getting There: By all means.
Times/Duration: Exploration of this village can be done in 30min but culture lovers may need a few hours.
Prices: No entrance fee (yet).
Booking Information: Contact Yangshuo Insider to arrange a knowledgeable guide or ask your local accommodation staff for directions.


More ancient villages & towns near Yangshuo

More old villages and towns near Yangshuo worth checking out are Stone VillageXingping Village or Fuli Town. The most ancient of all towns here in the area albeit located 2 hours from Yangshuo is HuangYao Town.

Authentic Guided Village Tours

If you join one of our private guided tours in Yangshuo, our guides will introduce you to charming little villages along the way, that are not described anywhere online and still barely visited by tourists. They can often even take you inside their mansions which will help you gain an insight into the daily life of villagers as it has been for centuries.

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