Huang Yao Ancient Town

Huang Yao is an ancient town with a history of thousand years, and reached its prime during the reign of Emperor Qianlong (1736-1795) of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Huangyao is situated in the northest of Zhaoping, Guangxi, China, by the lower reaches of the Li-River about 150km from Yangshuo. The name of Huang Yao came from the family names of the locals who were mainly Huang and Yao. It has been known as a mini-Guilin for its typical development of karst topography, covering an area of 3.6 square km.

Many of the buildings are in primitive simplicity with blue bricks and black tiles. Here you can see more than 30 temples, ancestral halls and pavillions all well preserved. With fabulous mountains, caves, pavilions, temples, ancestor hills, old trees and tablets, every corner of Huang Yao town shows typical Chinese features.

Traditional culture in Huang Yao Town

The locals here make use of numbers to symbolize good luck, respect and well wishes. The modest slates of Huangyao‘s streets also feature this characteristic. On the main commercial streets, the slabs of slate are in odd numbers, like three, five and seven. The numbers reflect the importance of these streets, and the slates are incised into the same size, smoothness and plane. The number of slates fronting a household is often three, with some wealthier families having five or seven. But some small alleys and extensions of main streets are made up of even-number slates or gravel.

Water is a necessity of daily life and vital to the irrigation of farmlands, so the Chinese fengshui theory attributes great importance to water. It holds that it is good for the people if a river near their dwelling bends around. Huangyao Town is embraced by flows of winding water, therefore, according to Chinese fengshui, Huangyao is an ideal place for people to live. On a practical level, water running peacefully along a winding channel will provide greater convenience for daily life.

And so these rich natural resources gave birth to Huangyao Town, and sustained its development in this isolated environment. The people in Huang Yao ancient town celebrate two important festivals, one third of the third lunar month, in the old stage to sing opera; the other one is Fourteen in the lunar calendar, the Five-Year Plan Two days, there was a festival custom of He Shen, which is a grapefruit-point night lights on the river, lasting around 2.5 hours.

Local specialities in Huang Yao ancient town are the Huang Yao tofu, mushroom fried rice cake, sweet potato as well as tea, are famous around Guangxi Province. People in Huang Yao were very hospitable, if you chat with anyone, most likely they will ask you to their home to eat, if you want to try the rice farm, you definitely can.

For anyone interested to visit HuangYao town, we can help you to organise private transportation to Huangyao from either Yangshuo or Guilin with or without English speaking driver or English/French speaking guides. The entrance fee is currently 100Y per person with a 20Y discount for children between 1.2-1.4m. Only children below 1.2m can still visit this town for free.

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Getting There: By tour bus – public bus – private transportation.
Times/Duration: One or two days
Entrance Fee: Adults 100Ypp; Children 1.2-1.4m 80Ypp; Children below 1.2m free.
Booking Information: Contact us to arrange private transportation and/or guides.


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  1. Pete says:


    I am interested in visiting Huangyao and I have a few questions.

    How long would it take to get there by scooter (I’m used to riding in Asia. China is easy compared to India!)? If I go there by tourist bus and stay, does the ticket price last for more than one day as I might like to spend a few days there?

    Thanks. Great site by the way!

    • Jono says:

      Hi there,

      I’ve not heard of anyone heading that way by scooter but it takes a couple of hours by bus, so I guess 2.5 hours by scooter. When you say ticket do you mean the bus ticket? As in you buy one ticket and return the next day? I’ve not heard of anyone doing that. My instincts tell me that your ticket will be valid on the first day of travel only and another ticket must be bought for a return on a subsequent day.

      All the best

  2. Yangshuo insider says:

    As for accommodation in Huangyao, we recommend A Yao’s House Inn, a very cosy little inn decorated with wood and antique. This Huangyao hotel is located along the main street of Huangyao with address No.18 Yingxiu Street, Huangyao Old Town, Hezhou 542800, China. Private rooms start from 138Y a night. It may be hard to find contact details for hotels in Huangyao, if you would like us to reserve your rooms, just let us know the dates and your preferred room type and we will book your Huangyao accommodation for you.
    Cheers, Yangshuo-Insider

  3. I will like to know how i can go from Yangshuo to Huangyao. We have one day for
    the round trip.
    Also if you can recommend us an hotel for one night.

    Thank you.

    • Yangshuo insider says:

      Hi Luis,

      Getting from Yangshuo to Huangyao is not easy and affordable but Huangyao is well worth the efforts! There is a public bus that leaves from the bus station in Guilin to Huangyao (your accommodation in Guilin should know the latest schedule) that passes the outskirts of Yangshuo where you could get on but it is difficult to guide you there and passing times vary. But both Guilin and Yangshuo offer a tour bus to Huangyao, the one leaving from Guilin to Huangyao runs every day while the one leaving from Yangshuo only runs when enough people sign up for the trip, generally 4 to 5 people are required. And even when it runs, if you consider to spend a night in Huangyao (recommended if you have time enough left to enjoy the different qualities of Yangshuo as well) do note that it also needs a minimum of 4-5 people the next day going from Yangshuo to Huangyao to have a tour bus that can take you back to Yangshuo too. If not, you can wave one of the buses that pass the gate at the main road in Huangyao to Guilin and ask them to get off in Yangshuo. You will then be dropped off at the roundabout and can either call your accommodation for a pick-up or organize a transfer yourself (20-30Y).

      Price for the tour bus from Yangshuo to Huangyao is 180Y per person and includes the entrance ticket to Huangyao which is about 80-100Y. Yes they charge for it which is a bit of a sad thing but it does add to the fact that only few people visit this magical place. The private transfer by taxi is expensive and the return ride from Yangshuo to Huangyao would cost about 600Y (1h30 each way by highway, including toll fees) and 250Y extra if you would like the driver to spend an extra night for you in Huangyao.

      So to conclude, I suggest to organize this trip starting from Guilin with either the public or tour bus to Huangyao and then take either the public or tour bus back to Yangshuo for your holiday here. As for accommodation in Huangyao, I will get in contact with our guides and add it to the page here later.

      If we left any questions unanswered or if there is anything else we can help you with, feel free to let us know.

      • Yangshuo insider says:

        After checking with our guides it seems that the tour bus from Guilin to Huangyao cannot be guaranteed every day as well, only when enough people sign up. Since everyone passes through Guilin on their way to Yangshuo these buses run more frequently than the ones from Yangshuo to Huangyao and your accommodation can check for you a day in advance if they run or not. But if you plan to stay overnight, you can’t count on it coming back the next day too so the public bus would be your option left. The whole trip from Yangshuo to Huangyao with the tour bus takes only 1.5hr because they take the highway while the trip per public bus will take 3.5 hrs from/to Yangshuo and 1.5hr longer to Guilin since they travel the main road.

        Prices for the tour bus from Guilin to Huangyao are generally available at around 210Y while the ones from Yangshuo are 180Y. Both prices include all transportation (incl 90Y for the highway toll fees) for that day and the entrance ticket to Huangyao (100Ypp). As a day-trip you can be sure getting the same tour bus back and this price is included in your ticket. If you stay overnight and return on a day too few people sign up, you will need to take the local bus back for an extra 60Y but the ride takes more than twice as long, 3.5hrs.

        We can also organize a private guided tour from Yangshuo to Huangyao for you for 650Y. This price includes private transportation both ways along the shorter and more convenient highway and one of our experienced and knowledgeable English speaking guides about Huangyao for the day. If you stay overnight then the guide will do so to for an extra 150-200Y.