How to get to Yangshuo by Train (Hong Kong / Shenzhen / Guangzhou, …)

How to get to Yangshuo by TrainSince 2016 Yangshuo got its own train station though it's still a 50 minute ride away, located north of Yangshuo in Xing Ping. The next nearest train station to Yangshuo is located southeast in Gongcheng at about an hour drive from Yangshuo. Guilin, with the nearest airport to Yangshuo, also has 3 train stations that are between 70-100 minute ride away from Yangshuo. Of all these stations, only the Guilin (South) Railway Station and the Yangshuo Train Station offer direct shuttle buses straight to Yangshuo. Travel from the other stations will require a stop or taxi that we can arrange for you here. You will find a map overview of all these stations below.

The Yangshuo (XingPing) and Gongcheng train stations serve the Hezhou to Nanning (North/South) and the Guangzhou - Guilin - Guiyang (Guizhou province) (East-West) routes.

Directions from both these train stations to Yangshuo are available on our Guilin to Yangshuo page.

Guangzhou to Yangshuo

From Guangzhou to Yangshuo, get on the train on the Guangzhou South railway station and you could get off at either the Yangshuo or Gongcheng station, both located about an hour drive from Yangshuo. If the train of your preference stops at both, we'd suggest the Yangshuo train station (in Xingping) with a better road here which results in a slightly cheaper taxi fare to Yangshuo as well. Compared to getting off in one of the Guilin stations, either the Yangshuo or Gongcheng stations would cut your taxi/bus transfer to Yangshuo in nearly half - so worth looking out for a train that stops at one of these stations.

Map Yangshuo Guilin trains


Shenzhen/Hong Kong to Yangshuo

Obviously the fastest and most convenient way to travel between Hong Kong & Yangshuo is with a direct flight from Hong Kong to Guilin. These flights can be a lot more expensive than flying from Shenzhen first - due to high international airport taxes in Hong Kong - so it saves to take the subway to Shenzhen first. For more information about how to get from Guilin airport to Yangshuo see our Guilin Airport to Yangshuo page.

Train from Hong Kong to Yangshuo: Since October 2018, Hong Kong and Guangzhou have been connected by high speed rail and it is since possible to get all the way to Yangshuo or Guilin from Hong Kong on the same train. There is only one train a day at this time so if its schedule doesn't suit yours you can still take a subway (30 min) from downtown Hong Kong to the Lok Ma Chau subway station at the Futian border, walk through customs and take a subway to the Guangzhou South train station. Once there you can take one of the many bullet trains from Guangzhou to Yangshuo.

Guilin Train Stations

Guilin has 2 train stations, the main (South) train station and the Guilin North train station. The South train station is generally served by the North/South (Beijing-Hunan-Nanning) route but a selected few do stop in the Guilin South train station afterwards as well. This station provides easy public connections per bus to Yangshuo.

The Guilin North train station is generally part of the East/West (Guangzhou-Guilin-Guiyang) route and is located about half an hour drive from the centre of the city, further away from Yangshuo, without convenient connections to Yangshuo. An arrival there will require a bus to the South train station first to get on a bus to Yangshuo.

You can find a good simple no frills search tool for trains routes and schedules here at China Train Guide and at the Beijing based expat run DIY-train ticket booking agency with a great search tool and a reliable and highly informative service to book the tickets for you too.

A few other popular train routes are:

    • Nanning to Guilin: There are regular departures from Nanning including a bullet train that takes around 2.5 hours and arrives at the Guilin South station or slower trains to Guilin North.
    • Liuzhou to Guilin: Regular departures including high speed trains that take under 2 hours. Otherwise the journey is 3 -4 hour to Guilin and Guilin North.
    • Kunming to Guilin: One train a day - duration 7-8 hours.
    • Zhangjiajie to Guilin: One way is to take the train from Zhangjiajie to Liuzhou to Guilin. Alternatively you could first return to Changsha (capital of Hunan) and then take a direct train from there, this could be faster and easier since there are many trains that run that route with a more convenient connection in Changsha than what you would likely find in Liuzhou but things change once in while and I suggest to check both routes. If you do take the train in Liuzhou try to reach the main station (sometimes called South) in Guilin and avoid the Guilin North station which is half an hour further away of Yangshuo by bus or taxi.
    • Hanoi to Guilin: a high speed train departs at approx. 19.08 once a day and travels over night taking around 18 hours. As most, if not all, agencies in China we are currently not able to book international train tickets.

We provide an overview of all options to get from Guilin to Yangshuo from the Guilin or Gongcheng train stations on our Guilin to Yangshuo page.

Booking Train Tickets Online/ Train Ticket Office Yangshuo

To ensure you get the preferred type of train tickets, particularly during the high season and Chinese festivals, it is highly recommended to book train tickets in advance as those to popular destinations easily get sell out. The different kind of tickets are: Hard Sleeper (comfortable, 6 beds per cabin, choice between lower, middle and upper berth), Soft Sleeper (more privacy and increased chance to avoid disturbing companions, 4 beds per cabin, lower or upper berth), Hard Seats (an experience shared with all that lives) and Soft Seats. The hard sleepers are the most popular and tend to sell out first.

We can help you to buy all your train tickets in China up to 2 months in advance. We know of a specialised agency in booking train tickets for foreign visitors that will relieve you from the burden in getting these train tickets booked yourself. On top of that, you will receive some great advice about planning your routes with the most convenient connections and bilingual instructions on how exactly to get your online ticket confirmation easily exchanged for the real tickets only available at a designated counter at the train station without the long waiting lines at other counters.

To get suggestions, general travel advice and to book your tickets contact us directly in an email here.

Beware to pay extra attention to the spelling of your name which requires to be exactly spelled - or abbreviated - as it appears on your passport. In case your name contains a special language specific character just check the code line at the bottom of your passport page which shows the universal spelling for all the letters in your name. It is that spelling that counts.

Note that this service is limited to train tickets within China only. Tickets for the train from Guilin or Nanning to Hanoi (click for more info) require your solid passport and you to be there in person.

There is also a train ticket service in Yangshuo at the reception of the 'Friends Hotel'  right in the centre of Yangshuo at the opposite left with your back turned to McDonalds 😉 This can be useful for last minute changes in your itinerary but note that with tickets easily selling out days, if not weeks, in advance it is much better to get them secured in advance.

Booking your train station transfer to Yangshuo, Guilin or the terraces

You can book your transfer here in advance so you can avoid the hassle and overcharges at the stations. Our driver will then wait for you at the exit hall with a sign that displays your name. When you add your train number then the driver will wait for you, even when your train is delayed, at no additional cost.

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