Recommended hotel in Dazhai China

Looking for the right hotel accommodation in Dazhai in terms of location and views?

Hotel in Dazhai China As of 2015, accommodations in Dazhai are still pretty basic and the best choice to date is the Jing Mei Ge Hotel in Tiantouzhai village. This Dazhai hotel offers the best value in terms of location, views, reliability, cleanliness, services and hospitality of the owner. It is a family run hotel just above the village of Tiantouzhai, centrally located just above the crossing of the path that leads to viewpoint nr 2, the start of the hike from Dazhai to Pingan (5 hour hike) and the path that runs along the hotel up to viewpoint nr 1. Along the way up to that viewpoint there is a path that leads to viewpoint nr 3 as well, where the Dazhai cable car ends and takes passengers down to the valley where the entrance office and the car park is located for your onward transfer. This Dazhai hotel offers a great spot for sunrise photos as well just 100m away with a view over hundreds of rice paddies cascading down the valley and the mountain range as its backdrop. Also interesting is that the hotel is located along a hiking path where you will see plenty of locals passing by carrying their goods up and down the mountains and can easily socialise with fellow hikers so not completely isolated yet still peaceful. Hotel Dazhai Longji rice terracesThe hike from the valley and entrance to Dazhai up to the hotel takes about 1,5hr, fairly steep but that counts for all the viewpoints and is rewarded with great views while ascending and upon arrival afterwards. An easier alternative is taking the cable car that leads you effortless to viewpoint nr 3. From there a lightly rolling path with great views over the rice paddies will take you to the crossing for the pathways to the other 2 viewpoints and your hotel above Tiantouzhai village in about 1-1.5hr. Generally hotels in Dazhai will only take reservations on a first come first serve basis and do not always accept or honor reservations made from beforehand. Sometimes travelers are discouraged and lured away by touts along the way to their hotel not honoring their reservation with a loss of income for the small family business owner. As a consequence, too often reservations are not honored by the owner himself and rooms are given away to the first person making a full payment. Accommodation Dazhai Hotel ChinaAccommodation in Dazhai is still basic in wooden lodges built on stilts that add to the charm and with the Jing Mei Ge Hotel being no exception, their rooms are comfortable enough to get a good night sleep with the views well making up for it. This hotel offers double and twin rooms with an en suite bathroom and splendid views over the rice terraces. Rooms are only 150-220Y a night so please do not expect a mini-bar in your room 😉 As in all accommodation in Dazhai, menu options are limited, but food is locally and organically grown and the Jing Mei Ge hotel offers a very nice bamboo-rice, the local specialty grilled on a barbecue. Note that nearly all hotels in Dazhai are built along side the hills and offer great views of the rice paddies cascading down the valleys on the front side while absolutely no views at the back side against the hill going further up and are often dark and extremely humid or even moldy. The contrast between both sides is daunting. Local inn keepers often keep their best rooms for walk-in travelers looking for a nice room on the spot while the back rooms are often kept for travelers booking and paying for the room upfront. With the Jing Mei Ge hotel we can help you to secure your rooms from beforehand and they will always be located towards the front and offer the best views over the rice terraces. They have a private bathroom with a 24hr hot water supply as well. Hotel Dazhai Longsheng rice terracesThis hotel can arrange a local villager who could either wait for you down the valley if you choose to hike up or at the top of the cable car route near viewpoint nr 3. These local guides, generally dressed in their colorful traditional minority dresses, add to the cultural experience with the additional advantage that they will help you to carry your luggage too! We would not even hope to find an English speaking guide to do so! For just 120Y they will lead you the way and carry all the luggage that fits in the large basket carried on their backs. Return transfers with private transportation offer the additional benefit that larger luggage can be stored in the taxi or mini-van below since the same driver or car will stay there overnight for your ongoing transfer. More information about the costs of a private transfer is presented on our directions from Yangshuo to Longsheng  and Longsheng to Yangshuo Guilin pages. If you would choose not to hire an English speaking guide and you require some additional assistance, just call us at our reception numbers and we will assist in doing so. Also for communicating with the driver just show this number to him and he will call us for you.

Getting There: See our directions pages to and from Yangshuo or Guilin.
Pricing: 150-220 CNY / night for twin double or family accommodation.
Prices & Booking: For tours or transfers to/from the rice terraces see the relevant tabs on our booking page.

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  1. Christine says:

    I have two questions, but firstly can I thank you for such a helpful website.
    We are planning to come from Yangshuo and stay 2 nights at the terraces. We love taking photos and are prepared to walk for a while.. Could you suggest an itinerary for us?
    The second query is how to go from this area to Zhangjiajie, stopping a night in Fenghuang. It seems so doable, but frustratingly hard to research. Your help would be appreciated.

    • Yangshuo Insider says:

      Hi Christine,

      Great to hear our website has been useful for you.

      For your rice terraces tour I would suggest 1 night in Dazhai and 1 night in Pingan:

      Day 1: Transfer to Dazhai village. Check-in at Tiantouzhai village hotel. (hike 30min). Explore 1 viewpoint for sunset.
      Day 2: Explore the viewpoints (1 for sunrise?) and then hike to Pingan village. Overnight in Pingan.
      Day 3: Explore the viewpoints (if still have time) before your transfer to Guilin or Yangshuo.

      What are your travel dates?

      Arrival place and time in Guilin?

      Destination preference place and time after your tour?

      If you would like us to arrange your accommodations there what’s your budget?

      Would you like guide to go along with you? The trails are pretty straightforward and it is not really necessary to have a guide for directions however it’s always interesting of course.

      As for your onward travel, first return to Guilin South train station, then take the train from Guilin 桂林 > Liuzhou 柳州 (2hrs), then from Liuzhou 柳州 > Jishou 吉首 (overnight train for 9 hrs only), then a bus to FengHuang 凤凰 (2hrs).

      The next day take the bus back to Jishou 吉首 and then the train to Zhangjiajie 张家界 (2.5hrs) or directly the express bus from Fenghuang 凤凰 to Zhangjiajie 张家界 (4hrs).

      It’s not very straightforward but doable!

      To check trains and availability, and buy your train tickets, I can recommend the services of ChinaDIYTravel that will advise and book it all for you, with practical info as well how to navigate through the stations and exchange your receipts for the real tickets at the exchange counter.

      Hope this helps.

      Yangshuo Insider

  2. Roranda says:

    hotel accommodation in Dazhai the Jing Mei Ge hotel


    Hello, we would like to stay at the Jing Mei Ge Hotel in Dazhai. Can you help us to arrange that? We will be traveling from Yanghsuo. Arrive date: May-21 or 22. Thank you.

    • Jono says:

      Hi there,

      Absolutely we can arrange this for you, we will need to know an exact arrival date and how many nights you want to stay, you can email us directly with the information using

      All the best

  3. Kaitlin says:

    We are traveling from Yangshuo to Longji and would like to stay at the recommended hotel in Dazhai. How do we book in advance and get there? We will have our packs on us. We will be able to hike to the hotel? We are looking to stay on May 7th.
    Thank you!

    • Yangshuo Insider says:

      Hi Kaitlin,

      We can book this hotel in Dazhai for you, rooms are just 140Y a night. We have a good relationship with the hotel owner and can guarantee the best rooms for you. Getting to Dazhai is pretty straight forward, there’s more information on the Yangshuo to Dazhai page of our website, details on local bus, tour bus and private taxi. We can arrange for someone to meet you when you arrive in Dazhai and hike with you to the hotel and around the viewpoints, whatever you’d prefer.

      If you want me to book your room, transportation and/or a guide just let me know, I’ll confirm prices with you then, we would also need a deposit to secure everything.

      We look forward to hearing from you.
      Kind regards