Yangshuo Moon Hill

Moon Hill is somewhat the symbol of Yangshuo, from a distance it’s actually just a mountain with a hole in it – shaped like a moon – but it’s the nice hike up with the rewarding view from the summit that justifies it status as a must visit spot in Yangshuo. The hill is covered by dense trees and bamboo giving the hill a rich lush feeling which during the sunny summer days, offers some welcome shade from the sun. After you have conquered the more than 800 stairs leading to the moon shaped cave, where climbers can be seen showing off their skills on the overhanging cliff, you are just a few steps away from the main platform near the top that offers great views over the landscape and Yangshuo town.

The hill is about 230 metres high and the whole climb takes about 40 minutes. Moon Hill is a short bike ride away from Yangshuo (8 km), about 20min on a bicycle or 10-15 minutes by scooter along the main road to Gaotian, passing the Butterfly Cave (not that spectacular), the Gong Nong Bridge (start or end of Yulong river rafting), the old Big Banyan Tree (impressive) and the ticket office for the Dragon Water Cave (recommended, though avoid the highly inflated ticket prices of 320Ypp – get your tickets at your local accommodation for a fraction of that price!). Perfectly to combine with a Yulong river cycling or bamboo-rafting tour with or without a guide.

Tip: Just as you come through the main arc of the hill there is a small trail to your left – where there still might be a sign saying ‘no trespassing’, please allow yourself the temptation! – the path leads to the very summit of the hill (there are actually two of which the right one offers the best views) with a breath-taking 360 degree panorama of hills and fields with trees, bamboos, crops, rice fields, rivers, villages, roads… Please be aware the path up is a little more rugged than the steps leading you up the hill, expect some ducking under branches and rough steps. The awesome view at the top also has no barriers, so mind your step! In, or after rainy weather we advise to wear shoes that allow a good grip!

Since the creation of the new Yulong river park in September 2017, Moon Hill is located inside the Yulong river park. Everyone entering the park by a motorised vehicle will need to get off at one of the entry gates and buy a ticket for the public shuttle buses to get to their destinations inside the park. Please read this post to make a well informed decision about the consequences of the new Yulong river park before choosing your accommodation in Yangshuo.

Due to the flexibility we offer you to book any transfer instantly through our booking engine we can’t possibly create a different price between any of the hundred accommodations within the park and each sight/activity outside the park, nor the other way around, so we can’t possibly include these shuttle transfers automatically into all itineraries. Please inquire from beforehand or, if you have just booked a tour that crosses the gates per car, we will immediately inform about the most convenient ways to do your tour and any of the above mentioned cost that may apply. As always, if you feel any of the proposed alternatives isn’t entirely satisfying for you, you are free to receive a full refund within 24 hours after our confirmation.


Getting There: By bicycle (25min) or local bus(15min)  or by taxi (10min).
Times/Duration: From sunrise to sunset. An average visit to Moon Hill takes about 3 hours.
Price: Entrance fee is 15Y.
Booking Information: No booking required. Visits to Moon Hill are part of many day tours.


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