Hiking in Yangshuo, the Yangshuo Insider village trail to Yulong Bridge

Generally the most beautiful countryside trails for hiking in Yangshuo are known by farmers only and in the case of this trail only a handful of farmers who really need to be there to harvest their lands will know about this incredibly beautiful hiking trail that connects the farmers village of Shi Ban Qiao with the iconic symbol of Yangshuo, the 800 year old Yulong bridge, also known as Dragon Bridge. This amazing trail will take you through old farm villages built in mudbrick and Qing Dynasty Fire Bricks, incredible lush green mountain scenery, a large reservoir where the villagers fish and keep their water buffaloes, fruit orchards, scenic viewpoints aside a cliff overlooking the Yulong river valley, and some of Yangshuo‘s most beautiful natural swimming areas in the Yulong river.

Yangshuo Hiking Tour To keep our secret trail authentic and limit the amount of tourists passing by, the precise route is only known by the guides of Yangshuo-Insider and provided as a guided hiking tour to small groups of travelers staying in Shi Ban Qiao Village – the scenic village near yangshuo‘s center and starting point of the hike – at either the upscale ‘Yangshuo Village Retreat‘ or any of the 2 popular hostels ‘Trippers Carpe Diem‘ or ‘The Cosy Garden‘. The total length of the hike is about 16km and takes between 2.5 – 3.5 hrs depending on your pace and the size of your camera memory card!

Our hiking tour starts at about 09.00 am at The Cosy Garden terrace and arrive at the Yulong river around noon. Those who favor a refreshing swim will love the natural setting and the perfect place for a traditional local lunch in a most authentic setting is the restaurant of ‘The Secret Garden’, a small boutique hotel of renovated Qing Dynasty buildings tucked away in the little village of Jiuxian. After lunch we will continue to the Yulong Bridge, an 800-year old curved stone bridge, a reflection of the ancient architecture of this area and a symbol of local life surrounded with old farm houses, rice paddies, and lot’s of little villagers playing and swimming in the Yulong river. The old Yulong bridge also provides a great jump or dive spot of about 8 meters high. While the river is deep enough for a safe dive, do be careful there isn’t a bamboo raft that appears floating underneath! Everyone will be free to enjoy the area as they wish, swimming, have a drink in the local coffee shop, explore the surrounding villages and the guide will discuss the afternoon time to catch the local bus back to Yangshuo.

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Getting There: The hike starts right at the doors of Trippers Carpe Diem – The Cosy Garden and Yangshuo Village Retreat In Shi Ban Qiao.
Times/Duration: Hiking itself 3-4 hrs with an extra 2-4hrs for stops – lunch and swimming.
Availability: Groups are limited to 12-14 people – for adults above 18 yrs only.
Booking Information: Contact us at Yangshuo Insider to take you on this amazing hiking trip and/or your accommodation there.


Hiking in Yangshuo, Yangdi to Xingping:


When you are here for a few days there is an 18km hiking trail along the most beautiful part of the Li River and lets you experience the Li River scenery from a different perspective and soak in the peacefulness and dramatic mountain landscape. The hike starts in Yangdi and ends near XingPing, about 25 km north upstream from Yangshuo. The path takes you through small local villages, fields, bamboo forests and along the shores of the mighty Li River. If you get tired, you can always rent a motorized bamboo raft at the river-crosses at Wave Stone village or the one further on at Lengshui (near the ‘Nine Horse Fresco Hill’) which will take you near Xingping where Tuk Tuks or electric buses will take you to the bus stop in the town center for 2-3Y. You can also rent one of our bikes to cycle to Xing Ping and hire a bamboo-raft up the river to either Lengshui, Wave Stone village or all the way up to Yangdi and choose to come back hiking or rafting along the same stretch. You can even take your bicycle along with you on the raft to Yangdi from where you can cycle back to Yangshuo.

Getting there: Jump on a local bus from Yangshuo to Yangdi for about 12Y or to XingPing for about 10Y. ( Prices may vary depending the season ). The path criss-crosses the Li River three times and you will need to buy a ticket in Yangdi which is often priced at 120Y per person for the hike and river crossings. The ticket office at Xingping is not always staffed so you could take your chances to hike from there without paying the entrance fee. You'd then pay 10Y a person with an extra possible 10Y for your bike at the (first) ferry crossing and need to bargain for the other 2 river crossing higher up per (pvc resembling bamboo)-raft with the locals who will take full advantage of your desire to continue the hike on the other side. Expect to pay 20Y per person per crossing on a good day.

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  1. Lysiane says:

    I’m Lysiane from Brazil. I would like to know whether it’s safe for a woman to do this hiking alone. If not, what’s the other option I have? 🙂
    Thank you and look forward to hearing back from you. I’m in Yangshuo for 3 weeks!

    • Yangshuo Insider says:

      Hi Lysiane,

      Thanks for your enquiry, the Yangshuo Insider hiking Trail mentioned on the website is unavailable from April through to July, a large reservoir blocks the path on that particular trail. There are, however, many options for hiking, cycling, climbing, kayaking and river cruises.

      With regards to safety, I would say that Yangshuo is a safe as anywhere else I have lived. Of course you should always remain vigilant, as with any tourist area there will be opportunists trying to take advantage of a visitor who is careless with their belongings.

      We hope this helps,