Getting around Yangshuo

Getting around Yangshuo itself is failry simple as the town is small enough to negotiate on foot and outside of town the road network is improving all the time, making for easy access to the incredible countryside. Most streets around town are clearly labelled in English and signs out on the larger roads will often guide you to the more remote sights. From Yangshuo, there are buses and electric golf buggies that shuttle people to and from the main sights, but the best way to get around Yangshuo and the surrounding countryside is definitely on foot, by bicycle or bamboo raft, which provide the pace and solitude that this part of the country is all about.


Getting around Yangshuo by Bus: Local buses and minibuses run frequently throughout the day from the local bus station out to the surrounding villages. Note that these are very ‘local’ buses and can get filled with people, animals and luggage. But they are certainly worth a try – even if it is only once. Destinations and durations are as follows: Baisha (30 mins); Fuli (30 mins); Gaotian (20 mins); Puyi (1 hr); Xingping (1 hr), Yangdi (1 hr).


Getting around Yangshuo by Taxi: Yangshuo has various vehicles that serve as taxis, including official red metered cars. However, the meters are seldom used and you’ll need to negotiate a price with your driver before departure. As a guideline, a one-way trip to Moon Hill should cost about ¥60, although you’ll have to pay extra for them to wait. Another fun way to get around is by local motorbike taxi, which you’ll find clustered around the junction of Diecui Lu and Xianqian Jie – expect to pay ¥10 around Yangshuo and ¥30 for most of the sights out of town. Most cafés and hotels can pre-arrange both forms of transport and are a good way of making sure you get a reliable driver.


Getting around Yangshuo by Bicycle: One of the best ways of experiencing the stunning scenery around Yangshuo is by bike. With a vast network of local routes running along predominantly flat terrain, bicycles offer the perfect way to explore. You can’t walk more than a few yards in Yangshuo without stumbling on a bike rental stall, but note that prices vary depending on the bike’s condition and age. Expect to pay ¥20 for a standard bike or ¥50 for a mountain bike in good repair. Top-quality mountain bikes can be rented from ¥80 a day. If your own steam power doesn’t provide enough pace, you can also rent electric bicycles throughout Yangshuo for ¥80-100 a day, but note that they’ll run out of power after 20 to 25 miles.


Getting around Yangshuo by Boat: If you didn’t take the boat from Guilin down here then you should make sure you get out on the water from Yangshuo either by man powered or motorised raft or by self powered kayaking.