Fuli Town, the artistic center near Yangshuo

Fuli town, located about eight kilometers east of Yangshuo County, is a quiet old town with a history of 800 years, and particularly known as the artistic town of the area with its typical colorful fans and scroll paintings. Along the cobbled alleyways that connect the center you will find plenty of small factories making painted paper fans. Watch the intricate paper fans being made and hand painted in this sleepy old town set on the banks of the Li River. It is a town with two faces. On one side is the new town which is developed rapidly along the main road, the other side is the old town center located on the bank of the Li River. The old town still has nearly all of its old houses which you can peek into and see the simple lives of the local people.

Wandering around Fuli town you will see all the traditional new years decorations which remain in place for the entire year. Of the many local markets in Yangshuo, Fuli market offers the most diverse mix of goods and wares, as well as produce, livestock, meats & fish, and herbal medicines. Fuli market days end in 1,4 or 7. Visit a local market only if you are prepared to go with an open mind and do not sneer especially in their presence. This is, after all, their rural market and we are all guests in their backyard.

There is a very beautiful country road that starts from nearby the docks of the Li-river cruise boats just north of Yangshuo‘s center crossed the Li-river per small raft that can take your bike or scooter too all the way  to Fuli town. For directions see our cycling Yangshuo page. Alternatively you can reach this town by bus leaving from the Yangshuo bus station or per small motorized raft from Yangshuo West Street.

When you are here pass by Peng’s Family Fan and Painting shop, a family-owned collection of Chinese paintings with prices much cheaper than in Yangshuo and of excellent quality as well. Fairly difficult to find but once you are there you will be amazed by the incredible hand-painted scrolls and fans. The daughter who runs the shop is able to look at a piece and tell who in her family had painted it. Travelers have been able to purchase 18 pieces for just 1100RMB.

Fuli Town is also the starting place for a Li-river kayaking trip in Yangshuo.


fuli town paintingfuli old townFuli market


Getting There: Fuli is 9km away from Yangshuo so by bicycle (40min) / scooter (20min) or by bus (25min).
Times/Duration: A visit through the old town center would take about 1-2hrs.


More ancient villages & towns near Yangshuo

More old villages and towns near Yangshuo worth checking out are Jiuxian village, Stone Village and Xingping Village. The most ancient of all towns here in the area albeit located 2 hours from Yangshuo is HuangYao Ancient Town.

Authentic Guided Village Tours

If you join one of our private guided tours in Yangshuo, our guides will introduce you to charming little villages along the way, that are not described anywhere online and still barely visited by tourists. They can often even take you inside their mansions which will help you gain an insight into the daily life of villagers as it has been for centuries.

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