Directions from Yangshuo to Dazhai or Pingan – Longji rice terraces

There are 3 ways to get to the Longji rice terraces from Yangshuo; by tour bus, public bus or by private car. The best way to get from Yangshuo to Dazhai by bus is by tour bus leaving from the center of Yangshuo to the entrance of the Longsheng Rice Terraces where you can continue to either Dazhai (tour shuttle or local bus) or to Pingan (local bus). There are a few options to get to Pingan or Dazhai by public bus from the center of Yangshuo with a stop in Guilin and at the entrance of the Longji rice terraces from where there are regular public buses leaving to the villages of Pingan and Dazhai,as discussed below. Alternatively, we can arrange a private car to either Dazhai or Pingan that leaves you the freedom to choose the time you would like to leave Yangshuo and get there before anyone else, and leave the Longsheng rice terraces, preferably when all the day visitors have left.

For directions from the Longji rice terraces to Yangshuo check our Longi rice terraces to Yangshuo page.

Yangshuo to Dazhai or Pingan by bus


Bus tickets from Yangshuo to Dazhai

Unfortunately the direct bus service from Yangshuo to the rice terraces has been cancelled. This means that the tour bus option explained in the section below is the only direct connection between Yangshuo and the rice terraces.

For directions to get back from the rice terraces to Yangshuo or Guilin, see our Longsheng to Yangshuo page.

Direct tour bus from Yangshuo to the rice terraces (with option for Dazhai)

The best time/cost effective way to get from Yangshuo to Dazhai is by tour bus. Tickets should be booked in advance and include an English speaking guide with map and introduction to the rice terraces, entrance fees and a visit to the Long Hair Yao Minority Village. The bus leaves at 07:30am at Yangshuo Park and we can include a free pick-up from your accommodation between 07:00-7:20 as long as it is located in the centre of Yangshuo. For accommodations in the countryside of Yangshuo please enquire. After a 3.5 hr drive you would arrive at the entrance in HepingLongsheng. From there you could either continue to Dazhai or take a local bus to Pingan. To reach Pingan get off at the parking lot of the entrance ticket office and hail one of the local buses for Pingan (usually every 30min, 15¥, 45min ride) or book a seat in one of the mini-vans for 20¥ per person that leave when pretty much full.

The morning section of this one day tour is usually guided with an English speaking tour guide who will share a map of the area and their knowledge about customs and culture of the Yao, Miao, Zhuang and Dong minority groups. They will answer your questions and ensure you know how to get to the different vantage points and which villages to explore. Upon arrival, the guide will inform you when and where to meet for the return to Yangshuo (ticket office see map below, between 15.00 – 15.30). They can also reserve a seat for you on the return bus for the next day for an extra 20¥ per person. The bus stops in Guilin center (around 17.30) for if you would like to continue your travels from there and continues back to Yangshuo where you would arrive around 19.00. Ticket prices are listed on our overview table here further below.

Considering the beauty of the region, the wooden stilt houses where you could spend the night overlooking the rice paddies, the sunset and sunrise, there are plenty of reasons to spend the night there (recommended accommodation in Dazhai) and have your seat reserved for the tour bus to return the next day for just 20¥ extra.

Prices & Booking: For tours or transfers to/from the rice terraces see the relevant tabs on our booking page.


From Yangshuo to Dazhai/Pingan by public bus:

There are a few options to get to Pingan or Dazhai by public bus from the center of Yangshuo with a stop-over in Guilin and at the entrance of the Longji rice terraces near Heping from where there are regular public buses leaving to the villages of Pingan and Dazhai.

All public buses from Guilin to Dazhai or Pingan leave at the Qintan bus station in Guilin which is about a 10min taxi or local bus ride from either the Guilin train station or bus station. There is only one bus per day to Dazhai and to Pingan, take about 3 hours and cost 50¥ per person. They tend to leave at 09:00am however schedules change and can be unreliable. The bus from Yangshuo to Guilin train station generally takes 1.5 hour and is priced at 25¥ (2016) so the total length of the journey per bus could be anywhere between 5 to 6 hours depending on the waiting time in Guilin centre to catch the bus to Dazhai.

If you would miss the daily bus from Guilin to Dazhai there are local buses that run frequently between Guilin and Longsheng, the nearest county from where there should be buses to Dazhai as well although the latter we could not get confirmed at this time. We do know of a bus to the Longji rice terraces that leaves the Qintan bus station at 7.00am and where you would need to get off at a stop in Heping (you need to ask the driver to stop for you) which is around the corner of the Longsheng rice terraces entrance where you can take a local bus to either Dazhai or Pingan but it might be worth to just wait until 9.00am for the direct bus from Guilin to Dazhai or Pingan discussed earlier. For directions to get back from the rice terraces to Yangshuo or Guilin, see our Longsheng to Yangshuo page.

Getting There: Public bus option.
Times/Duration: Transfer Yangshuo – Guilin – Longji Rice Terraces 5-6 hrs.
Bus schedule: See schedule above.
Pricing: 75¥ (transfer bus station to Entrance Longji); Excluding 100¥ Entrance Fee.
Booking Information: Separate Tickets available at the bus stations of Yangshuo and Guilin.

From Yangshuo to Dazhai or Pingan by Private Taxi or Mini-Van

Alternatively, you can opt for a private car to Dazhai or Pingan which cuts the length of the journey and leaves you the freedom to choose the time you would like to leave Yangshuo and get there before anyone else, and leave the rice fields, preferably when all the day visitors have left. Traveling as a family or a group of friends this is quite an affordable option and you could even include the transfer from the Longsheng rice terraces, either Dazhai or Pingan, on to Guilin centre or directly to the Guilin airport as well.

Your driver could also spend the night in the Dazhai or Pingan so you could enjoy the scenery and minority villages for 1.5 or 2 full days for an extra 250Y per night. So to make full advantage of the area in a most convenient way you can take a taxi from Yangshuo (or Guilin airport) directly to either Dazhai or Pingan, explore the villages and spend the night near one of the viewpoints and still have time to explore the scenic spots around the villages or do the hike between Dazhai and Pingan the next day (you can be dropped off in Dazhai and pick up in Pingan or vice versa too!, +50Y) and continue to either the Guilin airport or train station (or Yangshuo) in the evening.

Ideally you want to have your transfers organised with one of the newer cars in Yangshuo or Guilin, and not one of the local cars in the villages, used by local innkeepers, that are not safe at all.

Particularly for such a longer ride your vehicle should be reliable, comfortable and safe, preferably air-conditioned and primarily used for tourism . The drivers we work with have years of experience and properly licensed to take foreign passengers too.

Note that for drop offs in Guilin or Yangshuo, drivers in the Longsheng minority area are not that familiar with Guilin and definitely not with little Yangshuo. As a consequence, travellers often get dropped off outside of the centre and need another taxi to the centre of accommodation. For transfers to the rice terraces we can arrange a pick-up by a local guide in any of the villages, Pingan or Dazhai, to guide you to your lodging there as well.

Please note that since the creation of the new Yulong river park in September 2017, there are no direct transfers to/from the majority of accommodations located near the Yulong river possible. Everyone entering the park will need to get off at one of the entry gates and buy a ticket for the public shuttle buses to get near their accommodation there. Please read this post to make a well informed decision about the consequences before choosing your accommodation in Yangshuo.

Prices & Booking: For tours or transfers to/from the rice terraces see the relevant tabs on our booking page.


Accommodation in Dazhai Village

To find and book the right accommodation in Dazhai village can be a challenge, few hotels have an own website and if they have an email address, they may not be consistently monitored. To ease this search for you we have been exploring the Dragon Backbone rice terraces many times to find the best blend of a convenient location, great views, clean environment, private and attached bathroom, 24h hot water, soft beds, western toilets, air-conditioning, English menu or English speaking staff. Our findings are listed on our accommodation in Dazhai page.

Longji Rice Terraces map Dazhai Pingan Guzhuang villages

The Longji rice terraces map below offers an overview of the access to and the location of the villages and trails of Pingan and Dazhai. Click on the map for a larger image.

Longji Rice terraces Map Pingan Dazhai

Map Guzhuang, Pingan & Dazhai at Longji Rice Terraces

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8 Comments to “Directions from Yangshuo to Dazhai or Pingan – Longji rice terraces”

Due to the volume of enquiry comments we receive, only few comments, generally with new & relevant information, will be posted here. We reply to all comments by email.

  1. Jay Bryant says:

    We are considering the tour bus or private car for a visit from Jiuxian Village to the Longsheng rice terraces. Do you have a recommendation (2 adults and 1 child age 8)?

    I am not sure if we would like the Long Hair Village Show.

    Can we go to Dazhai for the cable car and a short hike and then visit Pingan also?

    Would this be covered by the listed 950Y price?

    Thank you!

    • Yangshuo Insider says:

      Hello Jay,
      The cable car in Dazhai provides visitors with a quick and easy way to get to the top of the rice terraces however the most impressive views are to be seen standing on top of a hill or rice fields where the paddies cascade down into the valley below. We recommend anyone coming to Dazhai to take time and explore the mix of scenery and culture passing by the minority villages along the pathways leading to each of the viewpoints. To combine a visit to Dazhai and Pingan on the same day is a bit much unless for seasoned hikers who could cover all the viewpoints of Dazhai and then hike to Pingan but I doubt an 8 year old would both manage and enjoy this. And aside from being the endpoint of the hike from Dazhai, Pingan has little more to offer in a short visit than lines of souvenir stalls, restaurants, hotels and tour groups one needs to pass to be rewarded with one of the views Dazhai offers as well. So we suggest to maximize your time in Dazhai, go up by cable car and take in the scenery and culture of these amazing villages that will take in your entire day already. The hikes from viewpoint nr 3 where the cable car will get you to the other viewpoints and then down the valley for your return would already take 3-4 hours excluding all the stops for rest, lunch, snacks and taking in the scenery.
      And sure all these transfers are included in the 950Y.

  2. Jaslyn Goh says:

    We will be staying one night in Longji One Hotel at the Longsheng rice terrace fields. How do we get a car transfer from Yangshuo to Longji One Hotel, thereafter engage a guide for the scenic view, yao and zhuang village? Actually, is a guide necessary or is it easy for us to move around on our own?
    Next day is our departure, is it easy to get a car transfer to Guilin airport? And how much would it cost for this entire arrangement?
    Thank you

    • insider says:

      Hi Jaslyn,

      So you plan to visit the Longji rice terraces, I would say it is not necessary to hire a private guide really, the paths are signed really clear and any of the hotel keepers can show you the right way as well. I think at the Longji One hotel they speak English too so they can provide you with some additional information about the area and the minorities if you wish any of our guides in Yangshuo can provide that information too while they are so much more useful here! I would suggest to save the money here for a guide in Yangshuo.

      We can arrange a private taxi with a licensed and ensured driver in a comfortable and safe taxi (they do not all qualify for such…) to Dazhai for you for just 720Y one-way. For 430Y extra he will stay overnight in Pingan, sort out his food and accommodation and take you right to the airport the next day.

      If you are interested in this service just let us know the date of departure in an email at and one of our guides will come and meet you at the Rosewood Inn to confirm this trip. If we can help you with anything else in the Yangshuo area just let us know and he will come a bit sooner!

      Hope the above suits you well,
      Yangshuo Insider

      • Jaslyn Goh says:

        thank you for your reply. will get in touch again if i need your transportation arrangement. meantime, how much would it cost to hire a guide to do a half day and full day biking tour in Yangshuo?

        • Yangshuo Insider says:

          Guides always work on a full day base with a guiding fee based on the number of people. Guiding a cycling tour in Yangshuo for 1 or 2 persons that would be 150-250Y depending on the type and skills of the guide. We have foreign expat guides in our team who can handle the more challenging and rewarding rides…

  3. Bobbi Hanada says:

    I have a couple of questions- first of all is the Longsheng Dragon Back Terraces the same as the Longi Rice Terrace? My son and I will be staying in Guilin for one night and will need to start our travel from our Guilin hotle to the Rice Teraces then we need to pick up my son-in-law who is arriving at the airport from Hong Kong at 5:30 pm and then make our way to to the Village retreat. What is the best way to handle this itinerary?

    • Insider says:

      Hi Bobbi,
      Longji is Mandarin for Dragon bone with Longsheng being the county the rice terraces belong to so yes indeed the Longsheng Dragon Bone Rice Terraces and Longsheng Longji Rice Terraces are the same. To enjoy the flexibility of leaving Guilin for the rice terraces and picking up your son at the airport the next day on the way to the Yangshuo Village Retreat private transportation is a must. The price for a one way transfer and return transfer is the same here so for an extra overnight charge of 250Y you can enjoy a private car and driver for 2 days. The day price for a comfortable and licensed taxi (Sedan Type) that sits 4 people with average luggage between Yangshuo and the rice terraces has now decreased to 900Y so with the 250Y that would be 1150Y for both days. A price for a larger comfortable mini-van with 7 seats comes at 1400Y. There is no surcharge for the detour along the airport since the roads connecting the airport and the rice terraces and Yangshuo are highways instead of the main road between the rice terraces and Yangshuo directly so the total for your itinerary would be 1150 or 1400Y depending on the vehicle of your preference.
      We organize such tours for the Village Retreat as well so you can also book directly with us, whichever you prefer. We would then need the vehicle of your preference, the name of your hotel in Guilin and desired pick-up time and the village you would like to visit in the rice terraces, Dazhai or Pingan. If you could send us the flight number of your son too then the driver will check the flight status and get there right in time at the airport, even when the flight would be delayed.
      Hope the above suits you well and send us an email if there is anything can arrange for you.
      Yangshuo Insider