Cormorant Fishing on the Li River

Cormorant fishing is a tradition that dates back hundreds of years in China and Japan, and is also practiced in Macedonia. The cormorants catch fish according to natural instincts and are prevented from swallowing all but the smallest fish by a ring placed around their neck during the fishing. However, the birds are not silly and refuse to catch more fish unless they are rewarded occasionally. The cormorants catch the fish with lightning speed and immediately return to the bamboo raft when their throat is full. Sometimes the fisherman needs to hook them up by the short length of a string attached to one leg for that purpose.

We have received mixed feedback from our guests about this show. While most enjoy floating on the beautifully lit Li-river at night with great views of the center and the lit karst mountain peaks beyond and find this cultural practice very interesting to see, others find the forced labor of the birds kind of cruel.

Getting There: On the Li-river near Fuli.
Times/Duration: Daily / 30 minutes / 19:30-20:00 (winter) / 20:30-21:00 (summer). Transfers from Yangshuo take about 30 minutes.
Prices: 70CNY includes show and transfers from/to Yangshuo center.
Booking Information: Contact us to make your reservation with transfers included.


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3 Comments to “Cormorant Fishing on the Li River”

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  1. Chang Yi says:

    It was good visiting Yangshuo for a day.
    A group of us from Sarawak, East Malaysia enjoyed the fantastic sights of yangshao and we may back to enjoy the homestay and hiking in the future. We will be visiting your website from time to time. thanks.

  2. Hello. I want help to to book tickets to this activity in the evening 20th May 2014 for 2 persons.