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Booking confirmation, when is a reservation confirmed?

We can only confirm your reservation when we have either received the deposit or full payment and we have had the time to verify and confirm the payment. Because this process may take 24 hours we recommend to make your payment at least 24 hours prior to the start of your itinerary so you’ll have time to receive our confirmation as well. An automated payment confirmation from a bank or online payment processor does confirm your payment but not your itinerary yet. We really need some time to be aware of your payment and then to book your itinerary before we can actually confirm it. So in case of a last-minute reservation, please give us a call to get your payment confirmed as soon as possible.

Last-minute Reservations on a Sunday

Our office days & hours are Monday – Saturday, 08:00-19:00. On Sundays we should really have a rest with our office closed and we usually do not handle email enquiries but we remain available by phone that day. As such, we may miss, or not be able to immediately confirm, a last-minute online booking on a Sunday. No worries, we’ll respond first thing Monday morning!

Required deposits

At Yangshuo Insider we try to minimise the required deposit as much as possible. We take pride not to earn on unfortunate cancellations of our guests and solely determine the deposit amount to cover for our expenses that result from a cancellation. Therefore most tours only require a 25-30% deposit. For tours that start in Guilin or the rice terraces and end in Yangshuo a higher deposit may be needed to cover the transportation costs to the pick-up location. This also counts for tickets for the river boat cruise and light show that become non-refundable 24 hours prior to departure. We provide a detailed overview of our flexible cancellation and refund policy here.

Payment ways

We take protection of any private or financial data very serious and will therefore never ever ask for your credit card details, online or by phone. We offer the 2 following secure payment ways for advance payments, PayPal and bank wire transfers.

PayPal is a widely used and most secure payment processor and the configuration of our invoice system allows anyone without a PayPal account to make a payment with just a credit card and email address so there is absolutely no need to sign up for a PayPal account in case you choose not to have one. PayPal accepts a large variety of credit cards and is therefore one of the most flexible and secured ways to make a payment online. Please note that we may add a service fee to your invoice to cover a part of the costs PayPal charges providers for cross border payments to China. As a buyer, you will never be charged any transaction fees by PayPal for using their service. Please note that PayPal does not allow transfers between 2 domestic PayPal accounts in China so when you live in China you can make a wire transfer to our account here.

Bank transfers do not incur any extra transaction fees other than what your bank charges you. This payment method is particularly useful when you live in China. When abroad please note that the transfer may take up to a week to reach us so only use this payment method longer than 2 weeks in advance. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer we will send you our bank details upon finalisation of your itinerary.

Itinerary Price Inclusions

We try hard to make it as clear as possible what the quote of your itinerary includes ahead of paying your deposit and once again in our booking confirmation upon your payment receipt. If you have any doubts about an inclusion that you believe may have been left out, or not have been charged for, please write to us so we can add it in or clarify the inclusions.

For any inclusions within your itinerary that have been obviously forgotten to include in the final quote due to miscalculation we must reserve the right for 72 hours to correct the mistake and invoice accordingly. In such case you also deserve the right of course to ask for an entire refund of your itinerary in the consequent 72 hours.

Itinerary Price Exclusions

Simply put, anything that has not been explicitly included in the itinerary confirmation.


Tipping has become a custom in China and our guides and drivers will see your tip more as a reflection of the quality of their services they have provided to you rather than an integral part of their guiding fee. You are always free to decide whether or not you would like to tip our guides or drivers. Our team members will never take you on shopping tours or take you to restaurants or bars where they can earn commissions and therefore to reward their resistance and to put your experience always above their own material gains a tip would be very much appreciated. Usual tips are about 50-200 CNY for a guide and half the amount for the driver but again, a smile will come a whole end and this is fully optional.

Children discounts

Most activities and tickets offer children discounts and in China these are commonly based on height rather than age. Seems to give local families a subtle advantage 😉 Where these apply we will ask for the height range of your children which may vary between activities. Please note that we will book the tickets according your information and that we can’t be held responsible for any delays or refusals when children appear to be above the limit, or for any refund when your child appears to be below the limit of the purchased ticket. In most cases, paying an upgrade for the corresponding ticket will be fine but in some cases such as – but not limited to – the light show or river cruises where an extra seat is required but not available, access may be refused. We will do anything to help you out of course but please consider we need to comply with the local regulations and can only try our best for you.


Shared pickups and drop-offs are available for hotels situated within the center of Guilin and Yangshuo. If outside of the center, we can either organise a private transfer or designate a pickup point for you within the center.

Room reservation: Default number of people per room is 2. A single room supplement is charged for an extra room. Amount will be confirmed in advance by email or phone.

Included meals are local Chinese dishes unless specified otherwise. Please notify us ahead of time for any dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, allergies, kosher, etc.).

Pick-ups: Please provide your flight/train number and arrival time together with your contact information while booking online. Your guide will meet you at the exit gate holding a sign with your name on it. Note that we will not refund any losses that result from incorrect contact information.

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