Hello! Welcome to our new booking portal!

We are launching an instant booking system and are adding more tours, sights and activities as we go. If the item you have in mind is not yet listed here, just let us know through our contact page or have us propose a fully personalised itinerary for you by telling us your preferences in our customised itinerary form.

Please note that since the creation of the new Yulong river park in September 2017, there are no direct transfers between the majority of accommodations located near the Yulong river and sights outside of the park or the center of Yangshuo possible. Everyone entering or leaving the park with a motorised vehicle will need to get off at one of the entry gates and buy a ticket for the public shuttle buses to get in or out. Please read this post to make a well informed decision about the consequences before choosing your accommodation in Yangshuo.

Due to the flexibility we offer you to book any transfer instantly through our booking engine we can't possibly create a different price between any of the hundred accommodations within the park and each sight/activity outside the park, nor the other way around, so we can't possibly include these shuttle transfers automatically into all itineraries. Please inquire from beforehand or, if you have just booked a tour that crosses the gates per car, we will let you know if it affects your itinerary and discuss the most convenient way to do your tour. As always, if you feel any of the proposed alternatives isn't entirely satisfying for you, you are always free to receive a full refund within 24 hours after our confirmation.

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