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  • Chinese Mahjong lessons and classes in Yangshuo, China
    Mahjong is a game that originated in China and you will most likely see groups of Chinese people playing Mahjong beside the road, outside shops, in cafes and bars. It looks a little like dominoes but utilizes white tiles with Chinese characters and symbols. It is similar to the western card game of Rummy and is Continue Reading...
    8 years agoby Yangshuo Insider
  • Study or learn Chinese mandarin in Yangshuo China
    Hard to imagine a more beautiful and inspiring environment to learn or study mandarin (Chinese) than Yangshuo China. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced students, there are plenty of experienced and talented Mandarin teachers in Yangshuo, so if you would like to learn Chinese in China, Yangshuo offers the ideal environment to Continue Reading...
    8 years agoby Yangshuo Insider
  • Learn Tai Chi in Yangshuo
    Tai Chi lessons Yangshuo, learn about China’s great art.
    Tai chi is one of China‘ s most prominent and ancient arts, developed thousands of years ago and due to its beneficial impact on the health of millions of people it is still widely practiced today. Tai Chi can be described as a “low-impact exercise done in slow motion. Its effects are as gradual, natural, Continue Reading...
    8 years agoby Yangshuo Insider
  • Yangshuo Tours Cooking
    Join a cooking class at the reputable Yangshuo Cooking School
    The Yangshuo Cooking School offers the best local cooking class in Yangshuo with the opportunity to learn how to cook real Village food with skilled and friendly teachers who love to impart the stories and secrets of Chinese cuisine in a friendly fun atmosphere. The cuisine of Guangxi Province is simple but extremely tasty using Continue Reading...
    9 years agoby Yangshuo Insider
  • Learn Calligraphy in Yangshuo
    Chinese Calligraphy & Painting Lessons in Yangshuo
    Chinese calligraphy is a traditional form of writing characters from the Chinese language using a brush and ink. It is the root of many other forms of cultural art in China and can be seen adorning the walls of shops, offices and houses everywhere. The English word “calligraphy” literally means ‘beautiful writing‘ and when you Continue Reading...
    9 years agoby Yangshuo Insider

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  1. Erin Jomartz says:

    Hi there,

    My friend Ashleigh and I are very interested in the taster session. Where are these classes held and for how much?

    Thank you for your help,

    • Yangshuo Insider says:

      Hi Erin,

      The best calligraphy teacher we know, a very gentle and charming man who – quite surprisingly – speaks English too, has a workshop in Fuli, the somewhat artistic town of the area famous for its old architectural buildings and landscape painters. You could visit him in his workshop or he could come to your hotel to teach you there as well. Classes are 70Y/hr pp and he will supply everything you need for the class. He can come at anytime however it is recommended to book from beforehand to ensure he is available so just let us know what time you like and we will confirm the class between you. We could also arrange a taxi to take you there for 30Y one-way or you could take the local bus for about 7Ypp.