Activities in Yangshuo China – showing the best of the area.

Activities in YangshuoWith so many Activities in Yangshuo on offer, you may wonder if you will have enough time to fit all the best activities into the days you planned for your Yangshuo visit.

Yangshuo has 3 different areas, each with its own distinctive features. There is the famous and most impressive Li-river scenery North of Yangshuo with the highly scenic road past the Tea Plantation and Stone Village offering views over the Li-river below and karst mountain peaks beyond. There is the South stretch of the Li-river passing by Fuli, Liugong, and the most picturesque farmlands and rice paddies. And last but not least there the Yulong river valley in the Southwest with its charming old villages and great scenery as well. So to get a good feel for the area we recommend to stay at least 3 days in Yangshuo.  This way you will get a chance to explore the region on foot, by bike, per scooter and/or per raft. Reserve an extra day or two in between for any of the cultural activities in Yangshuo, or to just relax and enjoy a break from the stress of travel in a very beautiful and peaceful environment with a massage or pay a visit to Yangshuo’s center wandering through the many handcraft shops, local restaurants and coffee shops.

The number and diversity of activities in Yangshuo may seem a bit overwhelming to choose from so for your convenience we have categorized all activities here according their most characteristic aspects. For an overview of the featured activities in Yangshuo we personally recommend visiting or trying out, visit the home page of our Yangshuo guide.


Culture Activities in Yangshuo China

Cultural Activities in Yangshuo

Yangshuo and its nearby little villages and old towns are excellent places for travelers to visit and experience authentic life in South-China. The best way to learn about the culture is to move slowly, explore old little minority villages or charming ancient towns, see the farmers plowing their lands or witness the daily life of locals in Yangshuo park. Visit the local market, perhaps cook it up yourself during Continue Reading


Scenic Activities in Yangshuo China

Scenic Activities in Yangshuo

The scenery of Yangshuo is one of the main reasons to visit Yangshuo with its countless green mountain peaks, its beautiful rivers, underground caves, ancient architecture and lush greenery with rice paddies and bamboo groves that make Yangshuo to one of the most famous tourist destinations of China. Aside from breath-taking natural scenery and its mysterious ancient local Continue Reading


Active Activities in Yangshuo China

Active and Rewarding activities in Yangshuo

The beautiful countryside of Yangshuo with its lush green mountain peaks, meandering clear rivers, rolling green hills and village trails is the ideal place and inspiration for some active outdoor activities! Explore less visited little villages around Yangshuo per bicycle or horse, hike through the minority villages and rice paddies of Longji or 800 steps up Moon Hill or the Green Lotus Continue Reading


Yangshuo Activities for Families

Family activities in Yangshuo. Keeping the Kids Happy.

Of all destinations in China Yangshuo might be the most suitable destination for families with its laid-back and rustic character, mainly outdoor life and stunning scenery, and there are plenty of services and activities in Yangshuo oriented to the growing number of visiting families. There are various ways to explore the countryside with a choice between hiking, cycling, floating on a Continue Reading


Relaxing Activities in Yangshuo

Relaxing Activities in Yangshuo

You do not need an active mind or body to enjoy Yangshuo, there is plenty to enjoy in a very relaxing way too. Visit the caves for some underground scenery, a refreshing mud bath or soak your body in the hot springs, float down one of the rivers – or both – on a bamboo or a little motorized raft, go for a swim between the karst peaks towering up from the shores of the Li-river enhance your relaxation Continue Reading

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  1. Barb says:

    I was wondering if there are any scenic easy walking trails that we could do around Yangshuo?

    • Jono says:

      Hi there,

      A great walk in the centre of Yangshuo is to go up Pantau mountain to a place called TV Tower, the trail goes up the mountain behind the indoor market on Pantau Road. Amazing photo opportunities at the top.