Accommodations in Yangshuo, where to stay?

We are highly dedicated to learn about all the new accommodations in and around Yangshuo within weeks of opening, to check them out, and to update this page accordingly.

There are the 3 distinct locations to choose from in Yangshuo, with 90% of accommodations either located in the center, in the scenic Yulong river area or in the scenic countryside just around the center.

The new policy launched by the government on September 15, 2017, suddenly turned the Yulong river valley into the ‘Yulong river park‘ with entry gates, strict motorised-vehicle restrictions and inconvenient & rather expensive public shuttles.

As much as we like some of the fine accommodations located in this new Yulong river park, we have an increasing amount of travellers who change their accommodation after 1-2 nights to a hotel located outside of the new ‘Yulong river park‘ because of the inconvenience and costs of getting in and out of the park. All motorised transfers in and out, and visits to all the attractions and the town center outside of it have become a serious hassle to organise, either for us, travellers and the accommodations.

Because of the car restrictions it has become impossible to organise any train station or airport transfers to any of the hotels inside the park without one of our guides there to help guests getting on and off the public shuttles at the gate and their accommodation.

For this reason we would suggest to opt for an accommodation outside of the Yulong river park since you’re likely to visit the Yulong park by bike without any inconvenience or costs associated – or by car with minimal inconvenience – while enjoying easy access to all other areas too.

* Center of Yangshuo, interesting day visits, noisy & chaotic at night.

While the old town center of Yangshuo is very charming and interesting to explore during the day and evening offering completely different experiences, staying here overnight is not recommended. It’s relatively quiet & interesting during the day however in the evenings the town gets crowded with tourists returning from their day trips in the countryside and this laid-back town suddenly transforms into a lively shopping and party scene where loud disco music disperses over the old raised buildings until the early morning leaving few travellers with a good night sleep. During the night scooter alarms can be very disturbing as well and many travellers get woken up by locals starting their day from as early as 6.00am. For these reasons no accommodations are listed located right in the center of Yangshuo.

* Yangshuo Yulong River Park

When you are not located in the center of the few villages north of Yangshuo (see below), you’ll be in the south in the proximity of the Yulong river, some 5 – 10 km from West Street. Once a secluded location with only a few accommodation options, the yulong river has grown into a main tourist spot due to a major boom in local tourism and an explosion of Chinese visitors coming by car. This, and the objective to make the area more lucrative, have lead to the creation of the Yulong river park, outlined above.

Because of the severe car restrictions, expensive shuttle fees for travellers getting in and out of the park, and the reality that many travellers unaware of this at the time of their booking change their accommodation to an accommodation outside of the park, we regretfully cannot longer recommend people to stay there.

That said, the region is a must visit and if you stay there you are within walking or short cycling distance of some of the most amazing scenery.

* Villages near the center of Yangshuo, best of both worlds

Even though noisy and crowded at night, the center of Yangshuo is definitely worth a few midday and evening visits with its little cobbled streets, old preserved houses (even a Ming Dynasty temple), its art craft shops and Yangshuo Park. Yangshuo’s center offers a good insight into the daily local life where you can sample the local food in many street stalls or visit the local market, enjoy various foods at local or international restaurants, climb one of the terrific viewpoints for great scenery over the Li-river and witness the locals playing cards, dance or exercise in the park. Yangshuo park with its play ground is particularly equipped and recommended for families with kids.

Of all scenic locations in the countryside this area gives you the most convenient access to all sites, including the center, the Li-river and the Yulong river park.

Therefore staying near the center is a good choice while you do not have to compromise on beautiful scenery. One of the new and finest accommodations in Yangshuo is The Bamboo Leaf listed here below.

Finest accommodations in Yangshuo.

Below is our 2020 shortlist of our most recommended accommodations in and around Yangshuo based on the hotel facilities, service, standard & price of rooms, and its location. To obtain our recommendation, accommodations need to have good English speaking staff with a helpful and friendly approach, have their own on-site or a nearby restaurant with a varied offer of both Western and Chinese food, offer a reliable and dedicated service towards international travellers, provide comfortable rooms at good value, and not least important, provide a convenient location in a quiet environment with a quick and easy access to the centre and sights in Yangshuo. All these accommodations have received recent awards or traveler’s reviews with over a 90% satisfaction rating.

Best Value in Yangshuo

The Bamboo Leaf – Yangshuo ****

Location: 1.4km from Yangshuo West Street.

Prices: ¥ 380-988 (US$60-150)

Foremost Qualities:

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* Scenic location, quiet, yet walk from center
* Resort swimming pool with great views
* Rooftop lounge/restaurant with great views
* Beautiful & new modern rustic design
* Free hourly shuttle to/from Yangshuo center
* Well trained staff by foreign/Chinese management

The Bamboo Leaf Yangshuo is a nature oriented, eco-friendly boutique hotel with a focus on unique guest experiences in a scenic village within short walking distance from both the Li-river and the old town center of Yangshuo. Most prominent features include a central resort swimming pool with mountain views, rooftop restaurant with large outdoor terrace, designed in a modern rustic style incorporating local design features and characteristics. Services include tailored room amenities, individual & custom made tour itineraries and a free hourly return shuttle to the center of Yangshuo. Excellent choice for families too. (They guarantee a 10% discount on the lowest rate you find anywhere else than their own website, when you book through their website or email)

The Bamboo Leaf Accommodation

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Most Authentic Accommodation

Secret Garden Hotel ***

Location: Jiuxian Village, 9km from Yangshuo West Street

Prices: ¥ 498 – 628 (US$ 75-100)

Foremost Qualities:

* Local architecture, renovated Qing dynasty buildings
* Cultural insight, authentic local village
* Unique blend of contemporary & classic design
* Great scenery nearby
* Good food & wine

Yangshuo Secret Garden Hotel is a small boutique hotel made up from a cluster of renovated Qing dynasty buildings with only 17 rooms all beautifully designed in a classic Chinese design with an eye for detail. Located beyond the Yulong river park, it gives easy access to the Yulong river area on foot or by bike however with the park in the way of most sights and the center it will require detours with associated costs to avoid the park. Perfect for those who want to relax in the countryside and prefer to get around per bike.

Secret Garden Accommodation Yangshuo

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Most Luxurious Accommodation

Banyan Tree Resort, *****

Location: Fuli town, 12km from Yangshuo Center.

Prices: ¥ 2,000 – 5,000 (US$ 300-750)

Foremost Qualities:

* Luxury!
* Beautiful design
* Comfort
* Swimming Pool
* Spa
* Various cuisines

The Banyan Tree Resort may not be really located in Yangshuo as advertised, it is definitely the most luxurious resort near Yangshuo of superb quality. It features a great design and luxury allover. Its choice for location can be somewhat questionable but if you can afford the rooms, there’s chance the transfers to all of the sights, located beyond 10km except for Fuli town, may not bother you that much. It is not the ideal place for when you like to cycle your way out to the sights with main roads on all sides, but you are just a 20 minute car transfer away from Yangshuo where you could rent a bike and continue from there.

Yangshuo Accommodation Banyan Tree Resort

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  1. Jono says:

    Hi Janine,

    Thanks for the enquiry, you’ve got all the information I need here so I’ll go ahead and get an invoice ready for you for everything, we recommend the B2 tickets for the light show so I’ll include those on the invoice. I’ll email you directly with the price breakdown prior to your invoice and we can go from there.

    Thanks again,

  2. Kitty Foo says:

    Please quote me on the following:
    2 adults and 1 child (all female. Ages 10, 47, 78)
    We arrive in Guilin on 16 April 2015. Will stay the night and would like to take the Li River Cruise on 17 April, see the water show at night and stay one night at Yangshuo Village retreat, then take the bus back to Guilin on 18 April.

    Please advise the cost for my group of 3 pax for the above tine starting from the Li River Cruise and back to Guilin.

    Thank you.

    • Jono says:

      Hi Kitty,

      Thank you for your enquiry. River cruise tickets are 378Y per person, if your 10 year old is under 1.4 meters then she can join for 215Y.

      Tickets for the Impression Liu San Jie Light Show vary in price from 198Y to 680Y for a VIP seat! There’s more information about prices on our website’s light show page

      If you could confirm the height of your child and the type of light show tickets you prefer then we can already book this for you.

      Hope this helps,

  3. Aemi says:

    hi there,
    many thanks for prompt reply. im still confused, yangshou town is the same as west street? or is it diffrent place. i think i wanted to purchase online a west street hotel- . is it possible to walk from bus station (bus from Guilin)

    • Jono says:


      So, West Street is the pedestrianised street from the main road through Yangshuo to the Li river. Consider it a High Street, the main shopping street in the town. People talk about West Street when they mean downtown Yangshuo, yet there are several streets linking together around West Street. West Street of an evening is very noisy, very. If you are after a more relaxing time in Yangshuo I would recommend finding accommodation away from West Street. You can have a look at our recommended hotels and hostels here.

      It is possible to arrive from Guilin to the bus station and walk in to the town centre, it’s over a mile and will take you 20 minutes or so. However I know that our recommended hotels and hostels will help you out getting to their hotel from the bus station.

      Kind regards