Our 2-day guided Dazhai to Longji rice terraces tour

After several trips up to the Longji rice terraces, a lot of walking up and down the hills, a few wrong turnings and a lot of consideration we have decided to arrange our own Longji rice terraces tours of the terraced area. We have done this as we didn’t feel any of the current tours really offered a genuine and unique experience of the terraces that took in everything as travelers and we considered to be the real essence of the area… We will need about a minimum of 8 people signing up for this tour by mini-van to keep it affordable compared to the tour bus option and cheaper than by private transportation.

Our tour starts in remote Dazhai!

An easy decision as we have had nothing but great feedback and personal experiences in the area. After being dropped off just outside the village you will be met by our guide who will eagerly be waiting to take you into the rice terraces, as you walk up the connecting road from the drop off area following the river the hills part to reveal Dazhai nestled in the bottom of the valley.

On arrival you have some time to either enjoy a short wander around the village, grab something to eat or have a coffee to set you up for the hike up to Tiantouzhai village. Once everyone is ready the group heads up through Zhuangjie village to see “Thousand layers to heaven” an adeptly named view point that really allows you to see the scale of the engineering that went into creating the terraces, with terrace after terrace cascading down the hills towards Dazhai village. Then it’s on to Tiantouzhai village where you will be staying the night. We’ve done our research and are confident we’ve found one of the best hotels in the village with outstanding views across the valley. After getting everyone settled in we head off for a short trek to “Music from Paradise” to watch the sun set down into the terraces. We then return to the hotel for a well earned meal including some local delicacies such as bamboo rice and chicken.

The evening is then yours to spend as you wish, though we do recommend you get a reasonably early night as the trek the next day will set off early in the morning! (There is also the option of a sunrise wake-up call, so for those with lot’s of energy, you can get up and watch the first rays of light pour into the valley as the mist rises of the fields)

After an early start and a good breakfast the group will set off with on a phenomenally beautiful trek across the terraces to Pingan village. You will be given plenty of opportunities to stop along the way to take breaks and take photos, We recommend you take some good shoes as not all the paths that lead across the terraces are in excellent condition, they were originally made for farmers and the odd horse not for hikers!

The walk will take you across beautiful ridges and down lush paths surrounded by bamboo forests that create a beautiful movement of light and shadows. After 4-5 hours (Depending on breaks and stops) you will arrive in Pingan village. Rich with heritage and unfortunately now… shops, Pingan offers a few extra viewpoints and the chance to get some great souvenirs (Haggling is always recommend) After an hour or so wandering around the village you will understand why we chose to go and spend most of the tour in Dazhai!

Once everyone if satisfied they have seen all they can and filled their pockets with souvenirs, the group will head down from the village or the local drop off area below the village and start on the journey back to Yangshuo, tired, satisfied and enriched!

Those wishing to carry on their travels from Guilin can be dropped off as the bus passes through and anyone wanting to go directly to the airport can be transferred to a separate taxi we can organise for you outside of Guilin.

Price of the tour:

Depends on the number of participants, please enquire for the latest details.

Price includes:

Transportation: The type and size of vehicle will depend on the number of enthusiasts wishing to go up to the terraces. When going per van, our driver will get you on right the local bus to your destination, since vans are not allowed into the scenic area.

Tickets: Entrance tickets to the Longji scenic area are 100Ypp at the time of writing.

On arrival at the entrance of the Longji scenic area, our driver will arrange your entrance tickets to guarantee the lowest price available, and when going per taxi he will bring you to the entrance gates at either Pingan or Dazhai.

Tour Guide:

For our 2-day tour, we will arrange for an English speaking local guide who will show you the way around the viewpoints and guide you along the trail from Dazhai to Pingan since the paths around the area are often confusing with some important turns not signposted at all!

Important Notes:

During your stay at the terraces we recommend you leave any large items of luggage with the taxi, as hiking with heavy bags is not recommended!

At night time the terraces are completely dark, there is no lighting between the villages so please take a torch (and charged batteries) if you are planning on going out or returning late in the evening after catching that perfect sunset!

The paths to the main viewpoints around both villages are reasonably well marked and you should have no problems getting to and back from these areas. But if you wish to hike out further, beware that when there is often nobody around to ask for directions, you could easily get off trail since the whole area is breath-taking and could mistakenly consider the path you’ve taken as being part of one of the famous trails… For example, you could be up for a much longer hike than fits in a day, one we learned from personal experience!

During summer, the rice terraces attract a lot of mosquitoes (close the window of your room upon arrival before the night sets in!) and while some lodgings provide mosquito-nets, it might be a good idea to either bring your own or carry a good mosquito repellent. Ceiling (or standing) fans also help greatly to keep them at a distance. However, like in Yangshuo, there is no danger to become infected with malaria etc.

Included Activities: Hiking Dazhai to Pingan – Longji Rice Terraces
Length of the tour: 2 days – 1 night in Dazhai
Start/Finish: 07.00 AM – 19.00 PM next day
Prices: Please enquire in an email to us.

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  1. Claire says:

    Cool post. I’m thinking of hintitg Guilin in June/July this year. Have been wondering where to stay and checked out Wada Hostel. Looks rad! This is basically what I’ve been looking for. The trips to Yangshou seem also a definite trip.

    • Yangshuo insider says:

      Hi Claire,
      Thanks for your input. Wada hostel is indeed one of the best budget places in Guilin with a very friendly and enthusiastic staff team! It might be actually one of the best experiences in Guilin so unless you know someone there I’d say come to yangshuo as soon as possible, it is so much more laid-back, natural and beautiful here with lot’s of outdoor adventures and enough to keep you well entertained even during rainy days…
      Let us know when you are in the area and check out the small group tours we will start to list and organize here before you come because they will be limited in number of participants and truly generate a really fun and interesting day with the costs for a cool guide shared by the group.
      Connect with fellow travelers and travel with a local, those memories often last longest!
      Yangshuo Insider